The Cure for that “Weighed Down” Feeling

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The Cure for that “Weighed Down” Feeling

Jun 12, 2021 | JVP's Blog

Do you remember being a kid and wading into a lake, the ocean, or even a big puddle in jeans? Sometimes you’d go in just a little too deep, and your jeans would soak up the water and get really heavy. You could still walk around, but it was definitely harder and a lot less pleasant with those wet pant legs slapping around your ankles.

Well, you’re grown up now, and you probably don’t have as much occasion to splash around in water when you’re wearing long pants. For most adults, being weighed down is more likely due to too many responsibilities, a lack of balance, or carrying around other people’s energy. If you’re a highly sensitive person, you can tell when you’re dragged down by foreign energy, or conversely, when you’ve given too much of your energy to others. But energy transfer is something that can affect anyone.

Sparkles of energy are everywhere.

Everything in the universe, seen and unseen, is made up of energy. People, plants, things, even thoughts and words — all energy. When you interact with someone or even think about them, a little bit of your energy, or life force, transfers over to them, and over time, that adds up. And at the same time, some of their energy sticks to you, weighing you down. It’s like when you handle something that has sparkles or glitter on it. It’s impossible not to take away some of that glitter on your hands or clothing. In order to feel totally whole, healthy, and like yourself, you need to make sure that “glitter” goes back to the original source from whence it came. You need to give back the energy you picked up, and get your own sparkles back!

Luckily, that’s not hard to do. I’ve been doing energy and healing work for years. As a psychic medium, I can sense when someone’s auric field is dirty (filled with other people’s energy), and can help them release it in just a few minutes. But you don’t need me! You can do this for yourself. With a little awareness, you can sense when you’re dragging around foreign energy, or when an energy vampire has sucked up too much of yours.

My evening ritual puts everything in its place.

Like so many things in life, it’s easier to clean up your energy if you make a habit of maintaining it every day. Here’s how I do it:

Before you fall asleep, think back over all the people you encountered that day. The partner you had coffee with, the woman you chatted with at the gas station while you were filling up your car, your kids, your co-workers. Remember the call you had with your mother-in-law, the email you got from your child’s teacher, the interaction you had with the driver who cut you off in traffic, even the walk you took with your dog. As you reflect back on all those interactions, positive, negative, or neutral, imagine yourself giving every person or animal back their energy while gathering up the energy you left with them. It helps to visualize it in some way. Maybe you open imagine yourself plucking up those sparkles of energy and sprinkling them back where they belong. As everything returns to its proper place, take note of how you feel. You’ll probably experience the same sense of satisfaction and ease that you do when you are in a beautiful natural environment where everything is exactly as it should be.

Vacuuming up the sparkles.

If you’ve had a day where you were around too many people or had a particularly stressful experience (as I type this, my thoughts go immediately to the airport) I recommend trying my vacuum approach. It’s so simple! Imagine a hand-held vacuum, and run it all over your body, front and back. Imagine it sucking up the dirt and lint of all those interactions, all that energy that doesn’t belong to you! Now, look at the vacuum cleaner bag. See all the speckles and sparkles of energy. In your mind, release them back to where they came from. Check in with yourself. You should feel a lot lighter and brighter.

You’re here for a reason.

I’m so glad you’re here, reading this blog, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence! If you’ve been feeling stuck, drained of energy, or weighed down (like you’re moving through life in wet jeans) I hope these simple exercises will help. If you’re ready to make even more positive changes, my course, 28 Days to Total Transformation takes you on a day to day journey of discovery and awareness, where you’ll delve into the beliefs and behaviors that are limiting you – so you can be free to achieve your highest purpose.