The Divine has Your Back – Healing From Loss

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The Divine has Your Back – Healing From Loss

Feb 1, 2019 | JVP's Blog

Losing a loved one hurts, especially during a time of year when hearts, flowers, and cupids are everywhere you look. My good friend Dr. Diana Kirschner has some tips to help you begin the healing process and open your heart to invite love back into your life. Check out her advice, and be sure to mark your calendar to join us on Hay House Radio this Tuesday, February 5th!

                                                                                          – James

The ‘Divine has Your Back’ Exercise for Healing Heartbreak

Adapted and Excepted from Love in 90 Days:

The Essential Guide for Finding Your Own True Love, 


by Dr. Diana Kirschner

When love beckons to you, follow him, though his ways are hard and steep. And when his wings enfold you yield to him, though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you. And when he speaks to you, believe in him. —Kahlil Gibran

    All the different kinds of love– romantic love, familial love, the love for pets–have called to us and given us joy, but in many cases, also the pain of loss.  When someone we love departs, whether they have passed over, or simply abandoned us, that pain is intense. Nothing is worse than loss, loneliness, and heartbreak.  And sometimes the loss feels so bad, unjust, or unfair to us that we lose our belief in the Divine, God or a Higher Power. This results in even greater suffering, as we lose not only the person who is departed but our spiritual grounding in the world– which is the most critical component of healing heartbreak. Here is a simple exercise to get that grounding, that spiritual salve back in our lives:

  • Take a minute and imagine that there is a loving and good Higher Power or Divine Consciousness that is working seen and unseen throughout your life. Even if you do not believe it right now. And if you do believe in God, try to get a sense of Him, Her or It that is fresh, new, and in the moment. Go on, close your eyes now.  Get a feeling of Divine Presence.  Get a Divine Image.  Hear a Voice or a sound or some music in your imagination. Feel an Infinitely Loving Presence right now. Surrounding you, comforting, soothing you, grounding you and healing you.
  • Now imagine that this loving Divine Force will help you overcome all your misfortunes and losses.  And it will provide lessons and growth for you that are beyond your imagination.
  • And finally, imagine that the Divine Force has led you to a new happiness: a mission in the world where you help others who have a similar loss, perhaps, or a new love, or some new relationship Yes, keep going with this.  Get an inkling or a picture in your mind of the new higher reality your Higher Power is plotting and planning to help you create.
  • Imagine a scene with you in a marvelous connection, in a healing beautiful location that is just right for you, with all the lovely sights, sounds and feelings of the connection and fulfillment of that moment.

OK, great job!

Here’s what going to happen: Anchored in your new Spiritual connection you will become able to receive intuitive hunches or messages that help you and, in turn, the whole situation you are in. Usually these new inspired solutions offer both you and everyone concerned a way to get your needs met that did not seem possible before. This is the Spiritual path. It connects you to your own Higher Power and takes you out of the role of being separate and alone in the world. It saves you from all the responsibility and stress of figuring out what is good or bad, and what you and everyone else should do to make it all work according to your own self-limiting plan. Opening to the Spiritual path takes you to present-time connection and acceptance, to serenity, peace and happiness. Which, in turn, takes you to new experiences, opportunities and love that is surprisingly wonderful in ways you never even expected or planned.

So use your heartbreak as fuel to invite the Divine to connect to you right now—and do it every day hereafter. When you feel that bond on a regular basis—preferably always—you will experience yourself as a “fragment of the divine” and will be buffered from the pains of lost love.


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