What Do Mediums Do for Halloween?

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What Do Mediums Do for Halloween?

Oct 26, 2022 | JVP's Blog | 0 comments

People often assume that Halloween would be a big holiday for mediums, but it’s not really like that. Halloween is fun, scary, and a great excuse to have a party, but there’s a reason you don’t often hear about children dressing up as mediums for Halloween! I must admit, It would be fun to see kids dressed up as me, trick or treating, but it wouldn’t make sense. Halloween is about witches, haunted houses, monsters, and all things scary – and there’s nothing spooky about mediumship. 

In fact, the work that I do is the opposite of scary. Bringing through messages from the Other Side is all about love, healing, and connection.

But every year, when Halloween rolls around, people ask me if the holiday has an influence on my readings. They wonder if all the focus on ghosts, graveyards, and other spooky phenomenon will result in a more powerful spirit connection. Are they right? Maybe, but not for the reason they think. 

The thinning of the veil…
The messages I receive do become more frequent and powerful around this time of year. That’s because as the days grow shorter and the nights get longer, the veil between the physical world and the Spirit realm starts to thin, drawing the Spirit people closer – not just for mediums, but for everyone. During this time, it becomes easier to receive signs from Spirit and to feel the presence of loved ones on the other side. 

Honoring the spirit connection.
Many cultures observe this transition with celebrations and holidays to mark the beginning of winter and the thinning of the veil.

For example, the Mexican celebration of Día de los Muertos, celebrated right after Halloween, honors and recognizes the souls of those passed on. These spirits are expected to visit their earthly families on these dates. During this colorful and joyous celebration of live, death, and eternal love, relatives decorate altars with flowers, candles and their loved ones’ favorite foods. Festivities often extend into cemeteries, where families visit gravesites of family members, bringing picnics and playing festive music.

A Gaelic festival called Samhain, or “festival of the dead,” also coincides with this time, marking the end of the harvest season and ushering in the darker half of the year. Celebrated from Oct. 31 to Nov. 1, halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice, the pagan religious festival originated from ancient Celtic spiritual practice. 

Halloween itself grew out of Samhain, when people would wear costumes and keep bonfires lit to ward off spirits and ghosts. Back in the eighth century, Nov. 1 was named All Saint’s Day. The evening before it was once known as Allhallows Eve, Halloween.

All of these holidays center around our desire to better understand the mystery of life and death, darkness and light, and the endless cycle of the seasons. 

There’s nothing to be afraid of!
Whether you want to get closer to the Spirit realm or feel like you need some distance from the thinning veil, acknowledging the fact that there are spirits around you is a good place to start. Like your guides and angels, the Spirit people will respect your wishes, and wait to be invited in. So, if you’re new to mediumship, consider using this opportunity to develop your abilities. The veil is most permeable from the end of October through year end, which makes this a great time to take a mediumship course, or try some practice exercises like automatic writing, or taking a mind journey to visit a loved one in heaven

If you’re not interested in ghosts and spirits, you don’t have to worry. I always say that we have more to fear from the living than the dead, and the dead won’t come to you unless you invite them in. Keep your energy light, embrace gratitude and compassion, and don’t spend time worrying about ghosts or hauntings. 

And if there’s a person on the Other Side who you’d love to hear from, take advantage of the thinning of the veil, and join me for my special upcoming series of Holiday VIP Reading Events!