What Prince’s Numbers Reveal!

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What Prince’s Numbers Reveal!

May 27, 2016 | JVP's Blog

This fascinating blog reveals amazing insights about the wildly talented enigma that was Prince – based on his Numerology Blueprint. It’s written by my good friend Glynis McCants. Glynis will also be hosting for me on my Hay House Radio show this Tuesday – so be sure to tune in! Glynis is Hollywood’s “go to girl” when it comes to numerology.  

Author of the bestselling book, Glynis Has Your Number, after successfully picking her husband through Numerology, Glynis was inspired to write her latest book Love by the Numbers.

Glynis McCants is convinced that when we have someone’s name and date of birth, we can discover exactly who they really are. What is equally exciting is that by knowing our own Numerology Blueprint, we can focus on our strengths, and overcome our weaknesses.

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Born: 6-7-1958

56279*/4 Attitude

Note: * signifies Life Path Number

Birth certificate name: Prince Rogers Nelson

Destiny Number: 1

Maturity Number: 1

I’ve been studying Prince’s Numerology Blueprint, and he is truly a case study of the Numbers found in his chart. We will focus on his three birthdate numbers, Maturity Number and Destiny Number, because those numbers can never be altered. You can always change the name you go by as Prince famously did several times throughout his career.

Prince was born on 6-7-1958 and his birth name was Prince Rogers Nelson. Prince’s father was a pianist and songwriter, and his mother was a jazz singer. His father said, “I named him Prince because I wanted him to be able to do everything I had wanted to do.”

Note: There seems to be some confusion out there regarding whether Prince’s middle name was “Rogers” or “Roger.” Prince always signed his full name as Prince Rogers Nelson. His father said he named him after his stage name which was Prince Rogers. I also read that the missing “s’ was a clerical error on the birth certificate, and was immediately corrected. So I believe Prince Rogers Nelson is correct in this case.

Prince was a 9 Life Path, and the 9 Life Paths are known as the “Old Soul” Number- They do seem to come into this world with a lot of knowledge. A good example of that in Prince is that he wrote his first song when he was only seven years old.

When Prince’s demo tape was given to his first Manager, Owen Husney, Owen listened to it and said,” This group is incredible, who are they?” He said he could not get over the sound of the vocals, guitar, drums, bass and piano. Well, it was not a group- it was all performed by 17 yr. old Prince!!

He secured a recording contract by the age of 18 with Warner Bros and insisted he have full control of his output which was unheard of for someone that age. There was nothing Prince could not do- he was a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, Director and actor.

Prince had a 1 Destiny Number, and a 1 Maturity Number, which made him strive to be the very best in all areas of his life. Although his life has been cut short, he had already won 7 Grammys, a Golden Globe Award and an Oscar. He had sold 100 million albums and was listed as #27 on the Rolling Stones list of 100 Greatest Artists“the most influential artists of the rock & roll era”. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 2004, the same year he was actually eligible to get the award.

When Prince performed at the Super Bowl in 2007, many have argued that it was the best half time show ever. And when he performed his song, Purple Rain, it was actually raining during the performance which also made it unforgettable.

Prince had so many massive hits such as Me and a Red Corvette, Let’s Go Crazy, Raspberry Beret, When Doves Cry and many others. Prince also wrote hit songs for other recording artists such as Nothing Compares to You ( Sinead O’Connor), Manic Monday (The Bangles), Jungle Love ( Morris Day) to name just a few.


When I see the Number 9 and The Number 1 as significant parts of a person’s Numerology chart, I see it as ” The sky is the Limit” for these people.

Since 1 is the beginning, and 9 is the end, they have everything in between as well, so, if they put their mind to it, there is nothing they cannot achieve. Rumors are flying as to what actually Killed Prince,

but what we do know for sure is that Prince was a man of mystery.

Even those closest to him do not understand how he could have been using so many painkillers, because it was not obvious to them. How is that possible you might ask? It is because Prince was born on a 7 day, and NO ONE can keep a secret better than the 7. If they do not want you to know what is up– you will not. know what is up!

Although Prince partied plenty in the earlier part of his career, he later became a vegetarian and non-drinker. During live concerts at Paisley Park (the compound where he lived and often performed), audiences were not allowed to bring in any alcohol or tobacco.

The Number 7 is here to find a base of faith that they can believe in. There is a story that when Prince was a little child, he suffered from epilepsy, and one day he came to his mother and said, I am not going to going to be sick anymore. His mother asked him why, and Prince replied, an angel told me so. Now that is a perfect story from a child with the 7 Vibration. I pulled part of an article about how Prince found his faith, and I found it riveting because it so accurately depicted what happens when 7s find their faith:

Prince’s path to becoming a Jehovah’s witness began at an after-concert party in Nashville about 20 years ago, Larry Graham said. Prince and Graham, both performing in town that night, found themselves talking about life’s big questions.

We started studying the Bible on a regular basis, recalled Graham, “and the more he learned, the more questions he had, like: “Why are we here? Where is everything heading? What’s the future for mankind, for the Earth?”

If you follow my work, you know how often I say that the 7 likes to ask the big questions, Who am I ? Why am I here? What is it all about? And that is almost word for word what Prince asked.
Prince loved his faith so much that he would go with other believers, door to door to talk about scripture in the Bible.

His love of the color purple definitely points to the 7 and 9 Vibrations in his chart. The color purple relates to “imagination, spirituality, and getting in touch with our deepest thoughts. Purple can also symbolize mystery, magic, power and luxury.” All of these descriptors could apply to Prince.


On Friday April 15th, Prince’s private jet made an emergency landing so Prince could get to a hospital, as he was unresponsive. He was given a “save shot” and then left the hospital to protect his privacy, instead of staying there.

Note: Prince was in a Personal Month of 8, and during a Personal Month of 8, no one should take their health issues lightly. It would have been far wiser for him to have stayed at the hospital that day, and perhaps avoid the collapse in the elevator that came so soon after.

Prince had a 4 Attitude and the 4s are all about justice. So when he could not get out of his contract with Warner Bros, he started to go by a symbol, instead of a name. And then called himself, The Artist formerly known as Prince.

While under contract he would often appear on stage with the word “slave” on his cheek as well–talk about making a statement! He did not go back to being called Prince until after he was out of that contract. When the 4 Vibration believes they are not be treated fairly, they will act out.


It was also not uncommon for Prince to sue anyone who used his likeness or materials online for copyright violation, and he wanted to get the compulsory licensing law changed that allowed artists, through the record companies, to take someone else’s music without the artist’s permission. The 4 is all about integrity, and the idea that someone would try to benefit off of something they did not create really upset him.

Prince signed up exclusively with Jay Z’s Tidal Music Streaming service because he believed that artists, not the big record companies, should have more control over their work.

Cornel West once praised how the music legend’s spirituality and passion for justice intersected throughout Prince’s performances: His political evolution, which is grounded in a spirituality, but also connected to fundamental concern and care for poor and working people, positions him as an exemplary freedom fighter … How rare it is that you see the best of both musical genius and freedom fighter in that way.

I do not think Prince knew he was anywhere near his time of death. One clue about that is that no will from him has been found. As meticulous as he was, that makes no sense.

However, knowing that the news was out about the emergency plane landing, he said to his audience the weekend before his death, ” Wait a few days before you waste any prayers.” Such a foreshadowing of what was to come.

His estate recently drilled open his vault that had a significant amount of his music he had never released, and it gave me chills- Knowing how much someone with a 7 in their birth numbers values their privacy, and how much Prince fought to control his music while living, it felt wrong to me on every level.

After doing so much research on Prince and studying his Numerology Blueprint, he was truly an amazing life force, and brought so much joy into this world by sharing his creative genius.

More will be revealed about exactly caused Prince’s death, so stay tuned. And May He Rest In Peace.


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