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Young Mediums

Jun 3, 2016 | JVP's Blog

I’ve spent the last 30 years as a medium enlightening and teaching others about the Spirit world, and proving to millions that death is only an illusion. Along the way, I’ve had the chance to meet and mentor many gifted young mediums.  Some had such a strong connection to the Spirit world that I was truly in awe! I’m so proud and inspired by the work individuals like Tyler Henry and Monica Ten-Kate are doing to share the art of Mediumship with a new generation.

Onstage with Monica the Medium

Last year I joined Monica Ten-Kate for a few episodes of her ABC Family show, Monica the Medium. We had some great times together, sharing stories and techniques, attending a development circle, and even hosting a live event in Encinitas, Ca. That event will air live on Monica the Medium, this Monday, June 6th at 10pm/ 9pm central. In the episode, Monica’s father has his first experience watching his daughter demonstrate her connection to Spirit.  You’ll have to tune in to the show on Monday to see his emotional reaction.

The Encinitas demonstration was a great experience for everyone involved –  Monica’s Spirit messages were so detailed and compassionate! I was especially impressed with her ability to read dates and names. And, with my encouragement and guidance, she did her first “platform reading” from the stage. Prior to our event, Monica, like many mediums, always went into the audience to work with people. I was able to show her how to wok from the stage so that she could draw upon and involve the energy of the entire group.  This is the key to holding space in a large room full of people. When a medium goes down into the audience, one person gets a reading, but others around them can be cut off, and when the audience can’t see or hear what’s going on, they detach, and the energy in the room goes way down.  Being able to do a platform reading is an art, and with some encouragement, Monica gave it a try and nailed it!

What is an Old Soul?

Spending time with Monica confirmed everything I always knew about the existence of old-souls. We use that phrase often, but what is an old soul? When you are born, everything you need to fulfill your life’s plan is already there – buried deep within your soul. When we say that someone is an “old soul” what it really means is that they have something – call it extra-sensory awareness, mindfulness, intuition – that allows them to tap into the wisdom of many lifetimes in a way that others can‘t. Not all young people are as comfortable with their gifts as Monica. Hearing voices, seeing ghostly visions and receiving messages from beyond can be scary, and intimidating. A few years ago I wrote book, Looking Beyond, to help young people understand and develop their spiritual gifts.

See Monica Ten- Kate, Maureen Hancock and Me in Los Angeles on July 15th!

I hope you’ll watch us on Monica the Medium this Monday. In addition, I invite you to see this gifted young star, along with Maureen Hancock and myself, on July 15th. This event will sell out quickly, so get your tickets today to see us LIVE at the Regents Theatre!