When Two Mediums are Better Than One!

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When Two Mediums are Better Than One!

Apr 14, 2017 | JVP's Blog

Check my web site on any given day and chances are you’ll see several events where I’m sharing the stage with another medium or spiritual teacher. I find that nothing enhances the flow of detailed messages – not to mention the fun – like another gifted soul working alongside me!

This summer I am overjoyed to be working once again with the incredible UK medium Lynn Probert. We’ll be hosting a 5-day workshop and an evening demonstration at the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas, CA.

Let the love, light and laughter flow!

When I team up with another medium, it’s important that we be compatible both personally as well as professionally. Spirits are attracted to love and laughter, which is why I encourage music, dancing and fun at my demonstrations – both onstage and in the audience. If I don’t enjoy the person I’m working with, then the messages just won’t flow.

Two mediums equal twice the spirit connection.

Lynn and I are not only soul-mates who have a great time together, but we are remarkably similar in the way we approach Spirit. Both of us are clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient – so we each sense, see and hear the messages that come through. When we’re doing a reading together it’s as if we have a bigger and better “conduit” through which to receive.

A Reading by Lynn and I.

In case you missed us last time we were together, I want to share an amazingly detailed reading that we were able to construct, piece by piece, by combining our skills. It will give you an idea of how two mediums blend their minds together, in what is called a “double link,” to bring through a message for an audience member.

The first medium (in this case Lynn), established a link with the spirit of a father named Jim.  He brought through his personality and details about his life that were completely accurate. As Lynn was working, I was blending my mind with the same spirit and picking up on more details about what Lynn was receiving. We effortlessly switched back and forth – building on our impressions. I can only equate it to a dance…you have to have a good partner who is aware of themselves and you.

At one point, Lynn mentioned that the daughter in the audience had a book that had belonged to her father.  I stepped in and told her the title of the book and its exact location in their home. Then Lynn took it further by saying if you turn to page 123, second paragraph there is a sentence which you can relate to. My mind went right to that page – and believe it or not – I could see a coffee stain on that page!

A well-executed double link reading is incredible to witness. You’re invited to join Lynn and I for an Evening of Spirit on June 30 at the Seaside Center in Encinitas, CA. We’ll also be hosting a five-day Secrets of Mediumship workshop July 3-7 – this workshop is always a favorite with my students!

See what happens when we combine our mediumistic gifts  to connect YOU with the other side!