Guest Blog: One + One

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Guest Blog: One + One

Apr 21, 2017 | JVP's Blog

This week I’m delighted to feature a guest blog from my good friend, Howard Caesar! Howard has been providing inspiration and enlightenment to the congregation of the Unity of Houston, which is where we met. Now you can experience his wisdom from the comfort of home with this excerpt from his soon to be released bestseller – One+One is One. I know you’ll  enjoy it! 



Excerpts from the Introduction of One + One is One – Making Oneness A Way of Life by Howard Caesar

Why oneness? For some it can sound too vague, idealistic, unrealistic, pie-in-the-sky. However, don’t be fooled, for it is a word that represents your spiritual heritage, what you’ve come from, where you’ve been, and more than anything, where you’re headed back to in consciousness as an eternal soul.

Oneness is a word that summarizes all the spiritual principles ever written, spoken, taught, and sought to be lived. It is at the root of every world religion and contained in the ancient texts dating back to the beginning of recorded history. Spiritual masters, avatars, and teachers down through time have conveyed it is essential and that the principle is of paramount importance in any soul’s progress. Our goal is to evolve spiritually into an awakened oneness with God. Even to use the word “with” makes it sound as if we are separate, when in fact we are

not. The illusion is separation. So oneness is something to awaken to and evolve toward as a consistent experience of being conscious of God’s presence, energy, and life being around and in us at all times.

The universal principle is that One + One is One. Any combination of life forms or creations of God adds up to one. If you can get your heart around this, it is energetically very powerful.

Oneness is your true reality.

Oneness is the spiritual ideal the Divine would have you live.

Oneness is what every soul has come into this life to learn.

Oneness is our natural state as spiritual beings, just as love is who we are as children of God. The journey of life is a return to love, peace, and joy through oneness with Source. It’s an internal walk. For it’s not that we are separate from God, we just have allowed our minds to believe we are. We are all meant to return to our true natural state of being one with our Creator. This process is for here and now. The experience of oneness is not to be waited on, until we pass from this world, but is most importantly to be learned and lived here in this life on earth.

We look out through our physical eyes and say, “There is a tree, a dog, a person, an apple,” or whatever it is. That tree, dog, or person is over there and I am over here. From an objective world perspective, we can say, “one tree + one tree is two. One apple + another apple is

two. One person + another person is two.” But if we accept what the Greek philosopher Empedocles stated, that “God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere,” we begin to see the bigger picture. In other words, nothing is outside the circle of God’s Presence. It’s ALL GOD. From the spiritual perspective, the reality is that we can draw a circle around it all, all of creation, and see it as One Life, One Love, One Presence, One Intelligence, One Power, that moves through it all and makes it ALL ONE.

Although most of the world would say you and I make two, and one + one is two, from the spiritual perspective, the reality is that you and I are ONE… and One + One is One, whatever the life form inside the Circle of Divine Life. We are all part of the Whole, of the One Life. I am in God and of God, as you are in God and of God. So the Truth is, we are one. Throughout eternity, you will never leave the Circle of Life, which includes all realms seen and unseen.

Inside a consciousness of oneness, you will find all the gifts of the Spirit, which include love, peace, happiness, prosperity and wholeness. Its opposite is a separation consciousness in which a person will experience pain and suffering. The world is hungry for oneness. The way that every person can contribute is by giving themselves to the pursuit of awakening into oneness in their life. We know the world needs it.

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