Where To Find The Love You’ve Been Searching For: The Journey Home To Your Spiritual Heart

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Where To Find The Love You’ve Been Searching For: The Journey Home To Your Spiritual Heart

Feb 11, 2017 | JVP's Blog

This week I’m delighted to share a guest blog from Dr. Barbara De Angelis. An inspirational “force of nature,” Barbara has been transforming lives through her books, media appearances and live events for decades! Her newest release, The Choice for Love, will be available on Valentines Day. Tune in as Barbara and I “share the love” together on my Hay House Radio show, at 11am pacific on February 14th.

Love to all!


Where To Find The Love You’ve Been Searching For:
The Journey Home To Your Spiritual Heart

by Dr. Barbara De Angelis

In so many religious and spiritual traditions throughout history, the circle with a divine center has been a symbol of oneness and wholeness that radiates out to form creation. From the sacred space at the center of the circle, life emerges. In the same way, out of the center of a cell, the nucleus, all living things manifest, including you. You grew out of a circle, a cell, into more and more cells, until you took the form you’re in now.

The sacred geometry of the circle is everywhere, from the cornea of your eye, to the crystals that make up water, the orange you ate for breakfast, a snowflake, and out to the spiral of the galaxy. Everything starts in the center and moves out from there.

You can see this principle in action by taking a pebble and throwing it into a pond. A little circle forms around the pebble. That circle interacts with the water and forms another circle, and that circle forms another circle until there are many concentric circles spreading farther and farther from the center. What are these circles? They are all just expressions of one vibration. That one vibration created everything that is emanating from it.

This is the nature of who you are. At your core is the same divine spark, the great cosmic intelligence that is at the core of everything else. From that divine source, different expressions of creative intelligence rippled out until there was an embryo, and then your body, then your personality, and then the events in your life, and the things you do and experiences you have. You conclude: “This is who I am—these ripples.” But who you really are is so much more.

The original Source/Light/Consciousness/Divinity

from which you expanded is still there

at the very center of all the ripples,

still creating those waves and pulsations

like the pebble in the pond.

The center of your center is the pulsation of pure love.

It is known as the Heart.

When we think of our physical heart, we know it’s a muscle that is responsible for pumping blood through your body and keeping you alive. However, your true heart is a non-physical, metaphysical heart. This inner heart is the seat of that ultimate reality. It serves as the entry point for the soul from the divine, unlimited, source energy into your physical individuality and form. It is the home from which all of the ripples of who you are originate.

The spiritual heart is the vibrational space spoken about by mystics and referenced in ancient spiritual texts. It’s the connecting link between heaven and earth, and between the universal consciousness and your consciousness. What is the nature of this vibrational heart? It is an infinite ocean of love. So your true soul journey is the journey back to the perfection and wholeness of that center, which is not far away, but is your very source and your very essence.

The journey back to the center of the heart is the journey

 back to your true birthplace, to the source of all love.

It is the Great Reunion.
It is the journey Home.

This is the cosmic experience that has been written about in all religions.  When great beings, saints, and mystics characterize their most transcendental experiences, they’re almost never simply descriptions of a void or nothingness. “It was just all love,” they report. People who have near-death experiences, or temporarily leave the body and return back, share that they entered a place where there was love beyond anything we can comprehend.

All of us want to experience love, so where do find the love we seek?

You can’t really “find” love anywhere else but inside of you.

You can find a relationship, but you can’t find love.

Feeling love, then, isn’t about feeling emotions.

It’s about cultivating your inner connection to the divine

and to the ultimate field of love.

Now we begin to understand that Love isn’t an emotion, a behavior, or even the connection you feel with another person—it’s a supercharged, light-drenched, limitless vibrational field of infinite divine energy. It is the source energy of everything that is, and the very essence of your being. It is dynamic and alive. It is the most essential vibration, and the glue of the Universe. It’s everything you’ve been searching for.


Dr. Barbara De Angelis is one of the most influential teachers of our time in the field of personal and spiritual transformation. As a renowned author, speaker, and media personality for more than four decades, she has reached tens of millions of people with her inspirational messages about creating a life of freedom, mastery, and awakening. Barbara has written 16 best-selling books that have sold over 10 million copies including four #1 New York Times bestsellers.  Her new book is The Choice for Love: Entering Into a New, Enlightened Relationship With Yourself, Others & The World.  For more information, free videos, audios, gifts and newsletters, please visit her at BarbaraDeAngelis.com