Whispers from the Other Side…

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Whispers from the Other Side…

Jan 27, 2017 | JVP's Blog

If someone were to tell you they hear voices, music or sounds that they can’t explain, you’d probably recommend they see a doctor or a psychiatrist. But the source of auditory phenomenon is not always mental or physical illness; it can be the manifestation of a very special ability to connect with spirit through hearing and sounds.

What am I hearing?

Recently, a woman came to me at one of my workshops and explained that she’d been making the rounds of doctors and psychiatrists to get to the root of a problem she was having – but with no success. She went on to say she’d always been extremely sensitive to sound, and had become accustomed to occasional buzzing and ringing in her ears. Recently, however, after moving into a beautiful old house things had gotten “strange.” Every time she went into the garden she was aware of the tinkling, splashing sound of water but there was no fountain, sprinkler or running hose at the source. She’d hear music coming from the bedrooms but when she opened the doors there was nothing – and oddest of all, she would hear people talking when she was certain that she was alone in her home. I had a feeling I knew exactly what was going on, and since she lived nearby, I agreed to go to her house to see if I could sense a Spirit presence.

People tap in to Spirit in different ways – Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Clairaudience are just a few ways that we access the other side. In my case, I receive feelings and visual impressions of spirit, and I also possess the gift of Clairaudience that allows me to hear sounds that others cannot.  As soon as I stepped into my students’ home, the sounds came flooding in! I was able to determine that the entities making their presence known were not “earthbound ghosts” but simply benevolent souls enjoying the house and gardens and reaching out to my friend – and to me. I assured my student that she had a strong Clairaudient gift, and that she should not be alarmed by what she heard in her new home. I also shared some ways she could ground herself and effectively “turn off” her extra-sensitive hearing at will.  She was thrilled to hear that she wasn’t crazy or harboring a brain tumor, and made the decision to co-exist happily with the Spirits around her.

If you feel that, like my student, your Psychic sensitivity is tied to hearing and sounds, then you are probably Clairaudient.

Here are three ways to identify and strengthen your sensitivity to sounds from Spirit.

1) Pay attention to what you hear when you first wake up. As you cross over from the dream state to a conscious space, you are most open to messages from beyond – and most likely to receive auditory signs and signals.

2) Identify words that seem “spiritually charged.” When someone is talking or you’re listening to music or watching TV, certain words or phrases might feel especially meaningful or significant and jump out at you. Pay attention – this can be Spirit “hitch-hiking” on the words of another to send you a message.

3) To develop your clairsentience, think of some of your favorite or least favorite words.  Determine what impressions you get when you hear or say them.  Are there certain colors, feelings, images that associated with them?

Which Psychic portal is YOUR pathway to the other side?

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