Why Mediumship Matters

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Why Mediumship Matters

Feb 16, 2018 | JVP's Blog

A few years ago, I was enjoying a lovely dinner with an actress friend when her late husband came through with a message for her. He insisted I tell her she’d soon have the chance to star in the role that she’d always dreamed of.  Today I’m heading off to New York to see her perform that exact role on Broadway! Her amazing talent, along with the knowledge that her husband was “pulling strings” from Heaven, helped her to realize her dream. That’s one of the reasons I love being a Medium. My gift allows me to help and encourage the people around me in such profound ways, and every time I do, my soul lights up with gratitude and love.

Proving that Death is an Illusion.

As an evidential medium, I have the ability to prove to the living that their loved ones in the Spirit realm are still very much with them. This realization causes a major shift in perspective.  We’ve all had the experience of being born, but for most or us, death is a mystery. It’s only after you begin to realize that there is no death, that you can live life fully, and without fear.

Benefiting the Living with Messages From Beyond.

Here are a few example of how Spirit Messages have made a difference in the lives of those who received them:

– I was doing a reading for a man when I suddenly saw an image of Betty Davis. I couldn’t imagine how she could be connected to the actress – but I let him know that she was showing me a table, and telling him “I valued everything you did.” I was shocked when he burst into tears! It turns out he had been Betty Davis’ assistant for years, and had never known how much she appreciated his dedication. Her message made him realize that his work had indeed mattered to her. He had inherited her antique writing table when she died, and the fact that she showed this to me reinforced his belief that it was really Betty coming through.

– A woman came to me, paralyzed with grief over the loss of her husband.  I brought through a simple message where he let her know he’d been there while she was shopping for a raincoat the day before. I relayed his message that “I helped you to pick the blue one, and I’m always by your side!” My client felt as if a great weight and loss had been lifted from her soul, and told me that the single hour we had shared helped her more than 8 hours of therapy.

– Hundreds of people who’ve attended my demonstrations have reinforced the fact that a message from the dead can help you live life better life today. The Spirit people are there to remind you that the physical existence is short, so don’t get so caught up in earthly worries that you lose track of what matters. Remember that when you die, there will be a life review – and everything you’ve done, good and bad, will be waiting for you on the other side. The key to living your best life on earth is to live mindfully in the present moment and take every opportunity to share kindness and compassion with others.

Painting a Picture from the Other Side.

When I started out as a medium and realized the positive impact my readings had on others, I dreamed of one day having a school where the spiritually gifted could develop and enhance their mediumistic abilities – where together we could help change people’s perception of life and death. Years later, the JVP School of Mystical Arts was launched! Through online courses combined with live calls and workshops, I am able to provide instruction in every area of Spiritual development – from mindfulness and meditation to advanced mediumship certification and mentoring.

One thing I stress to the advanced mediumship students I mentor is that the more detailed evidence a medium can bring through, including names, physical and personality traits, and cherished memories, the more of an impact their message will have on the recipient. Spirit comes through to mediums in different ways – through visions, sounds and feelings. My job as a teacher and mentor is to help my mediumship students paint a picture for the recipient to show that their loved one is still “alive.”

Mediumship matters to the medium as well as the person receiving the message. The messages I communicate remind me every day of the love and support that is there for all of us. Tuning in to spirit also makes you aware of your own intuition, so you can make the choices required to live your authentic life here on earth.