Do You Need a Spiritual Mentor?

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Do You Need a Spiritual Mentor?

Feb 26, 2018 | JVP's Blog

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”  

~ Oprah Winfrey

It’s been just about a year since I launched my first Advanced Mediumship Level II Certification course. This program is really something special – I keep the group size small so everyone gets the personal support they’re looking for. Right now, I’m getting tons of questions about the upcoming session that starts in a couple of weeks. Besides all the basic logistical information, what my students really want to know is this: How will having me, James Van Praagh, as their mentor and coach make a difference in their mediumship, psychic, or healing practice?

A tale of two mediums.

When I think about the mentor student relationship, a couple of gifted young mediums I met at a mediumship workshop in Encinitas, California, come to mind. As soon as the workshop began, I was immediately drawn to the lovely positive energy of these two good friends. After getting to know them and seeing their work, it was obvious that they both had all the qualities I look for when assessing a new medium. They had the ability to raise their vibration to connect with Spirit and bring through evidential details, along with the respect and compassion for their clients that is an essential part of the craft. Most of all, they had a passion for serving those on both sides of the veil – the Spirit people with a message to communicate, and those in the physical realm longing to receive that message.

While I was able to coach and encourage both of them and teach them new techniques and approaches, my main goal was to make sure they each stayed true to themselves and approached mediumship in their own, individual way. I’m excited to say that I’m still connected with these two students. Since completing my Mediumship Level 2 course, they’ve shared testimonials on my school site, and have joined me on my Hay House radio show.

The art of Soul-Expression.

As a Spiritual Teacher, I come across so many talented individuals. With over 30 years of experience serving as the voice of the Spirit world, naturally, I have my own time-tested techniques that I’m happy to share. But while there are foundational skills that all of my students must master, I also encourage each one to apply the tools I give them in their own special way.

My approach as a mentor is similar to an art teacher. A good teacher exposes their students to the basics of sketching, perspective and design, then encourages them to express their own creativity, guiding them to create a work of art that represents their own unique style and vision.

No matter how skilled the execution, I bet you’d be disappointed (and bored) if you attended an art exhibit and saw identical artwork from each student. It’s the same with mystical arts! There are no “cookie-cutter” mediums. Everyone has their own way of connecting with the other side, and their own way of using their ability. As their mentor, I know I’ve done my job when my students learn to trust their own inner voice, and I can see the beautiful expression of their soul.

I have a feeling that this year’s Mediumship Level 2 Certification class is going to be amazing. My team has received emails from practicing mediums and psychics, healers and Reiki Masters, who are looking forward to taking their practice to the next level.  Some applicants have been talking to Spirit for years, bringing through messages for friends and family, and are ready to take the next step toward their dream of doing on stage demonstrations or starting their own Spiritual business.

If you’re looking for someone to help you share your light with the world, I’d love to be that person! Let’s take the next step toward making your spiritual goals a reality.