Along for the Journey

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Along for the Journey

Mar 2, 2018 | JVP's Blog

Your life is enriched by the connections you form with friends, family, and your own higher self. As a medium and spiritual teacher, I’m also blessed with the opportunity to connect with the students I mentor, residents of the spirit world, as well as other amazing light workers.

I’m getting ready to start my next session of the JVP Mediumship Certification Level II

which will put me in touch with a whole new group of gifted souls. I can’t wait to chat with my new Level IIs on our monthly calls, connect with them on Facebook, and work with them during the live workshop that’s included in the program. My goal is to help these spiritual seekers develop their gift so they can share it with the world. They might not know where their path will ultimately lead, but I’m honored to be along to guide them on their journey!

A tale of two spiritual teachers.

As I look back upon life journeys I’ve been a part of, my dear friend Debbie Ford comes to mind. I met Debbie in the early ’90s at a conference in San Francisco. Her sister, Arielle, was speaking there, and afterward, Debbie and I sat in the corner of a restaurant and shared dinner and got acquainted. She told me her life story, including drug addiction, failed relationships, and her issues with self-worth. I told her that she needed to write a book and share her story with the world; it could help millions of people who suffered from the same situations.

The rest is history. She wrote the book The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, was invited on Oprah, and became a shining light in the “self-help” galaxy as she changed the perspective of millions of people.

But to me, Debbie was always just Debbie. She never forgot her friends even with the sudden fame, and people often remarked on how “real” she remained. But with the highs, come lows. Few people knew it, but Debbie had a very rare form of cancer and had been fighting it for years. “James, if it comes to the end and I am passing over, would you help me pass?” she asked me, one day. I agreed, and our paths didn’t cross again until many months later, I received a call. “James, I think it is tonight. I’m getting ready to go.”

I tried to coach Debbie to just let go – to think of herself as a feather and just float away – but she had other plans. She was a mother, and was literally hanging on for dear life. We spoke again and after awhile I was able to ease her fears, and she transitioned peacefully. But our story doesn’t end there!

Years later I was having lunch with Debbie’s sister, Arielle, when I felt Debbie coming through loud and clear from the other side. She was showing me a beautiful prayer book. “Did Debbie ever talk about writing a prayer book?” I asked Arielle. “She wants you to check into that.” Arielle didn’t waste any time contacting Debbie’s old assistant, and it turned out Debbie had an entire manuscript ready to go. Arielle had her sister’s book published, and Your Holiness: Discover the Light Within is available now!

A chance to form your own soul-connections.

My connection with Debbie was so pure and powerful that it continued after her passing, and both our lives were transformed by the other’s friendship, guidance and support. If you’re a medium who’s ready to take the next step on your journey, I’d like to offer you a chance to form your own life-changing connections. You’ll be part of an elite group of individuals who are working together on changing their own lives and the lives of others – by connecting to me, spirit, and each other. I hope you’ll join us! !