10 Essential Traits of Successful Mediums

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10 Essential Traits of Successful Mediums

May 26, 2022 | JVP's Blog | 0 comments

You’re on stage, and as you look beyond the seated crowd, you sense the presence of so many eager souls, each with a message to deliver to a loved one in the audience. One Spirit stands out from the rest – you immediately sense how he died, pick up on his personality, and discern the unfinished business he is so desperate to resolve. 

“Was he in the military? I’m seeing a uniform. He’s showing me that he wasn’t the same when he came home from the war. I see that he’s in a wheelchair. It looks like he lost a leg. Does this make sense to anyone?” 

A middle-aged woman stands up. She’s crying. “I think that’s my father!” 

“He remembers taking you fishing at the lake when you were a little girl. He’s showing you putting the worm on the hook. He’s saying, “That’s my girl!” He’s so sorry he wasn’t emotionally there for you after the war, but he couldn’t help it. The war took more than his leg. But he came here today because he wants you to know how much he loves you”

And, just like that, her healing begins. 

How many times have you imagined yourself standing on stage or meeting with clients one on one, delivering healing messages like this one? 

I don’t blame you. I’ve brought through tens of thousands of messages from the Other Side, and every time I deliver a reading, I’m reminded of how blessed I am to be doing this beautiful, fulfilling work. 

Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Professional Medium?

I’ve worked with so many gifted mediums both at in-person workshops and online. Almost all of them dream of making a career out of mediumship, but only a few take the plunge. 

Over the next few weeks, I want to take you on a journey. Our destination? To help you clarify how you want to use your gift – and to achieve that goal together.  

So, let’s start right here. One of the most common questions my students ask is, “James, how can I do what you do?” 

Let’s see if you have what it takes to be a professional medium.  Every medium I’ve known has their own personal style and approach, but they share these traits: 

A Strong Connection With Spirit

First things first, you must have the gift of mediumship. We are all psychic to one degree or another, but not everyone is a medium. If you regularly see, hear, feel, or sense Spirit, congratulations! You have the gift. But that’s just the beginning. 

The Genuine Desire to Help and Heal Others 

Every message I deliver helps the recipient to heal their grief, resolve unfinished issues, or even find their own life purpose. And it’s not limited to the recipient. During events, multiple audience members benefit from every message. It’s no coincidence that so many mediums are already healers. Doctors, nurses, therapists, masseuses, energy healers, paramedics, all have a calling to help people. Often those same people can connect with Spirit, and their gift helps them in their current role – or can stand alone as a whole new career. 

The Ability to Tune In and Tune Out 

Many people have a connection to Spirit but can’t control when and where the messages come through. That’s a good start, but a professional medium must dedicate time and energy to learn to control their gift. Spirit has the ultimate control, but an experienced medium can tune into the Spirit Frequency as if they were searching for a station on the radio. 

Knowing How to Shield and Protect Your Energy 

You’ve probably seen mediums on television who are constantly bombarded by Spirits clamoring for attention. How do these mediums get anything done? Every trip to the supermarket seems to include a reading presented to an unsuspecting shopper. While those unexpected messages do happen, experienced mediums learn to shield their energy to protect themselves (and get their chores done). 


In addition to shielding their own energy, a medium must also be sensitive to the feelings and energy of others, especially when they’re not in a place where people are expecting to run into a medium (like the supermarket). It’s not ethical to barge in and give someone a message without permission. You don’t know how they will receive the message, or if they’re in a place where they are comfortable crying or feeling the emotions a reading might stir up. This is just one of dozens of ethical issues a medium is faced with. Integrity is so important, and I cover this topic thoroughly in all three of my Mediumship Certification Courses. 

A Thick Skin 

Not everyone will support your decision to make a career out of talking to dead people. You’ll run into sceptics and critics of all kinds, and some of them might be members of your own family. It’s important to be firm in your convictions, and remember that, if you act with honor and integrity, what other people think of you is none of your business. 

The Ability to Move Into Your Heart Space. 

Nothing blocks your mediumistic gifts faster than pushing too hard and being in your head. To tap into the Spirit frequency, a medium has to be able to move into the heart space. It is there that the Spirit connection takes place.

Discipline and Drive

Being a medium takes work. I trained in development circles for years, meditated daily (and still do) and worked tirelessly with more experienced mediums before I went out on my own. Now, I reach my community consistently through blogs like this one, SoulCare, Both Sides Now and Beyond, and more. I don’t travel as much as I used to, but online teaching and live events keep me busy every day. 

A Personal Style or Brand 

When people meet me, they marvel at how down to earth and funny I am. That’s my trademark, and it helps me do my job. Spirit is drawn to joy, love, and laughter, and that’s what you’ll find at my events. I believe that death isn’t sad and dreary –it’s a transition to a divine state of being, and that’s something to be celebrated.  You may have a different approach, and that’s great. Find your style and be yourself!

A Supportive Community

Finally, I love working with other mediums as well as my student community. We all learn so much from one another, and that community is one of the many reasons I created the JVP School of Mystical Arts. Having a supportive group of like-minded souls to practice and brainstorm with is essential to being a “happy medium.” 

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Professional Medium? 

If you possess these ten traits to any degree, you could be on the brink of an exciting new career. But in addition to your innate abilities,  you’ll  also need a platform to promote yourself and get your message out. Modern technology makes this easy and cost effective. You can create a web site to promote your events, make use of social media apps, write blogs for your own or other web sites, or host live events on Zoom, YouTube, or Facebook Live. 

At the JVP School of Mystical Arts, I have courses to help aspiring mediums take their gifts to the next level. These same courses introduce students to the tools and techniques needed to market themselves.

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks. I’ll be hosting a free webinar and sending you emails with important information that every medium must know. Just imagine! With a little development, you could be just like me and wake up every day knowing that you’re not just “going to work” but fulfilling your destiny as a Spiritual Medium.