Beginnings and Endings

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Beginnings and Endings

May 12, 2022 | JVP's Blog | 0 comments

A few months ago, I was heartbroken when my darling little dog, Maisey May passed over. If you follow my blog and social media accounts, you may know that many years ago, Maisey healed my heart after I witnessed a tiny puppy being run over in a horrible accident. I was so traumatized by what had happened, that I couldn’t get over it until I rescued Maisey (and she rescued me).

Now it appears we’ve come full circle – to help me heal after her passing, Maisey is bringing two new furry companions into my life.

Saying Goodbye
There was a point earlier this year when I knew Maisey’s time in this world was coming to an end. It was so hard to let go! II stared into her deep brown eyes. I told her I loved her and to come get me when it was my time to go home. I let her know that if she wanted me to have another doggie, she would have to manifest it.

I left the vet’s office feeling so alone and shattered but something within me said it was the most compassionate thing I could do.  I knew this was not an ending, but a beginning.  I climbed into my truck unsure of where to go because my mind was spinning.  I decided to go to a nursery to see the colorful flowers.  To my delight, after about five minutes later, Maisey came to me as a fluffy white fur ball with a face.  She kissed me endlessly on my cheek.  For weeks I felt her and on occasion would see her running through my yard.

Then one of my very best friends, Chip, visited me and brought his new Australian Shepard Rosie, and the strangest things started to happen.  Rosie would not leave my side and completely ignored Chip.  He was fighting back tears saying: “James she has never treated anyone like this, I don’t understand.”

I told him: “I speak dog.” I even joked that I was going to keep her.

He didn’t like that idea…so I asked him where he got her, and he mentioned the name of a very conscious lady and husband who breed and care for these types of dogs.  I called up Shelly and she said, “Well this is weird, but we just had a litter.”

Now two little Australian Shepherd sisters – Pearl and Minnie – are getting a new home.  How do I know Maisey had something to do with it?  Because one of the first times my friend Chip visited me was over eighteen years ago when I saw the tragic puppy death, and here he was again at another critical juncture! Maisey had engineered the whole thing, and Chip’s dog Rosie had helped.

The moment made the decision to get the babies, I was shaving. Suddenly Maisey was there. She was overjoyed and licked my face….lather and all!!

Welcoming New Fur Babies
On Mother’s day, Maisey came to me looking spent and exhausted. She let me know why, “I’ve been getting the puppies ready for you – teaching them everything they need to know!”

I guess she was celebrating Mother’s Day by getting a little taste of what mothers go through when they’re looking out for rambunctious little ones.

This is just another example of how life flows. No door ever closes without another one opening, and I believe it’s even more fluid than that. Our existence is an infinite cycle, where people and pets transition in and out of our lives, and love never dies.

Loved Ones in Heaven Want You to Have Love and Happiness
Often people come to me at events and ask if their spouse on the other side is jealous of their new relationship. They’re always relieved when they hear my answer. I’ve relayed countless messages from across the veil from souls who have made a relationship happen for the person they left behind. There’s no jealousy or resentment in Heaven. Spirits want the people they left behind to be happy, and often work behind the scenes to ensure their loved one has what they need to live their best life.

I’m confident that Maisey will always be watching over me and the beautiful puppies that she helped me to find. I love her just as much as I ever did and having the new puppies in my life in no way diminishes our connection. She will always be a very special part of my world.

Follow me on my Journey as I Welcome the New Babies
I’m looking forward to this new chapter in my life. I invite you to join me on Facebook and YouTube to watch as the puppies and I get acquainted – you won’t see Maisey, but know she’ll be with me e very step of the way to help with the transition!