5 Ways to Talk to Your Pets, Telepathically!

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5 Ways to Talk to Your Pets, Telepathically!

Jul 21, 2022 | JVP's Blog | 0 comments

“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.” — Martin Buber

People always ask me how to communicate with their pets who have passed over. As a medium, I can definitely help with that. But first, I always ask them how they’re communicating with their pets who are still living!

It might sound funny, but you can communicate with all pets – living and dead – using the same simple, telepathic techniques. It’s all about slowing down, tuning in, and getting on the animals’ wavelength. 

When you’re dealing with people who are alive, you communicate verbally (or by texting). You can connect with the dead through thoughts and signs. 

Animals are somewhat different. Of course they understand some words, but to connect on a deeper level and create a strong, two-way connection, telepathy can be an even more powerful tool. If you establish a telepathic connection while your animal friend is still with you, it’s easy to maintain it for their entire lifetime, and beyond.

To get started with your living pets, I recommend these simple telepathic techniques: 

  • Start off by slowing your breathing with a few minutes of calm meditation. Put aside your phone or other devices so you can focus on your pet. Set an intention in your mind. You may want to let your pet know how much you love them, or check on their health and happiness. If your pet is ill, you can send some healing energy. Whatever your intent, make sure it’s clear in your mind so you can communicate it effectively. 
  • Try this telepathic exercise: Go into another room and with your thoughts only, silently “call” your pet’s name. Picture your furry friend getting up and coming into the room to join you. Send that picture to your pet, and in a few minutes, you can expect to hear the pitter-patter of paws, coming toward you. 
  • Do you ever wonder what your pet thinks of your new roommate, or if there is anything they want from you? Ask them! Start by gazing gently into your pet’s eyes. Then, in your mind, imagine an image that depicts what you want to ask them. For example, if you are concerned that they are not eating, paint a mind-picture of them turning away from their bowl. Look into their eyes and telepathically “send” them the picture, while silently asking them to help you understand. Then open your mind, and wait for them to send you a picture back.  
  • Imagine someone looking down at your from above. Does the thought make you uncomfortable? To really connect with your pet, lie down next to them. Send them pictures that show them how much they mean to you. Then open yourself up and feel the loving energy that they send back.
  • Wrap them in a blanket of loving thoughts. Our animal friends are an amazing source of unconditional love. Pay them back by warming them with your own loving energy. When your animal is sitting or lying down, imagine yourself wrapping a soft, green blanket around them. The color green represents the heart space, so imagine that your love is woven into this beautiful psychic blanket, and in your mind, tuck the blanket around them. 

Try these techniques over the next few days. I promise, your pet will appreciate that you are making an effort to love and care for them, and if you’re open, will send you insights and impressions back in the form of images or pictures. Trust what you receive from them. The animal connection is very powerful. if you open your heart, you CAN talk to the animals, and they WILL talk back! 

Let’s explore the amazing topics of pet communication, together. 

As many of you know I believe our pets and animals are light-workers on this planet. They give so much, and all they ask for in return is our love and companionship. But I wanted to give them something more – a deeper soul-connection and true understanding.

I created my Spiritual Animal Friends course to help you better connect with your pets, and all animals. This course is the ultimate training guide to help you delve into the fascinating topic of animal spirituality. It’s a must have for animal lovers – and any spiritual seekers!