Animal Communication Made Simple

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Animal Communication Made Simple

Jul 27, 2022 | JVP's Blog | 0 comments

Has this ever happened to you? You’re sitting on the couch, perhaps reading a book, and you get the sense that someone is looking at you. You glance around, and sure enough, your dog is gazing at you intently. Without even thinking about it, you put your book down and go into the kitchen to fill their water dish. Moments later you hear the unmistakable sound of your pet slurping up water. You might not realize it, but this very normal event is an example of telepathic pet communication. You probably didn’t stop to wonder how you knew what your dog wanted, but in fact, in that split second, you received a vision from them and acted on it.

Or, in other words, your pet “spoke” to you, and you understood them!

Animal communication is a lot like psychic insights or receiving signs from the Spirit world. How many times have you thought of someone you haven’t seen in years, only to run into them or hear some news about them hours later? Or how often have you seen something that immediately recalled a loved one on the other side. 

If you dismiss these events as coincidences or happenstance, I urge you to stop and give them the acknowledgement they deserve. 

We all have the innate ability to communicate telepathically with animals – just like we can get psychic signs and messages from people both living and dead. Each time you take notice of an incident like this, however small and insignificant, you work that intuitive muscle and invite future connections. It’s that simple. 

Animals communicate in pictures, or visions. Sometimes, the sign you receive from an animal might be a little more dramatic than my water bowl example. Animal communicator, Samantha Khury, experienced a connection with an injured pheasant that literally changed the course of her life. 

Years ago, Samantha’s son brought home a wild pheasant that had been hit by a car. They took the bird to the vet, who checked him out and said he was okay, and said they should put him in a safe spot outside so he could recover from his trauma. The next day, Samantha found herself mysteriously drawn to the bird. As soon as her children left for school, she ran out to check on him. He was alive but not making moves to fly. She said a prayer over the bird, and suddenly, it was as if she was out of her own body and flying. She was in the body of the pheasant and relived the collision with the car. She realized the bird was unable to process what had happened and was afraid to fly again. She instinctively knew that if she communicated with the bird in images and showed him that this was an isolated event, he would regain his confidence. Sure enough, after she telepathically “played the tape” of what had occurred, the beautiful bird jumped on the chair next to her, touched her with his wings as if to say, “thank you,” and flew away. 

That experience changed Samantha’s life, and she realized that she had a profound connection with animals. She became a world-renowned animal communicator, helping animals of all kinds, ranging from cats and dogs, to horses, elephants – even a scorpion!

When Samantha told me about how animals communicate in telepathic images, I realized that her process of animal communication is like the work I do as a medium. In the same way as I open my heart and surrender to channel the spirit realm, she opens herself up to animals of all kinds. 

And you can too…

Humans think in words and use logic, but animals have developed their visual and sensory aspects. We can learn to communicate with them simply by switching over to the wavelength of the animal. You can enhance your connection by noticing and congratulating yourself when you “understand” your pet – inviting even further communication.

And that’s just the first step.

If you’re interested in deepening your own soul-connection with your pets and other animals, I have great news. On August 10th, 2022, I’ll be launching a new session of my Spiritual Animal Friends online course. In addition to 3 On-Demand Lessons, I’ll be hosting two, 2-hour live workshops with special guest, Master Animal Communicator Samantha Khury.