Ask the Experts: Your Pet Questions Answered!

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Ask the Experts: Your Pet Questions Answered!

Aug 3, 2022 | JVP's Blog | 0 comments

When she was alive, Maisey would often look at me, and the message in her eyes was as clear as if she had spoken to me. In fact, I could often “hear” messages from her in my head, and after she passed over, that didn’t change. But after a conversation with expert Animal Communicator, Samantha Khury, I realized that I wasn’t hearing messages as much as I was seeing telepathic images. And now that I have my two new babies, Minnie and Pearl, I’m finding I can communicate with them too – through sending and receiving images and visual impressions.

When we held the first session of Spiritual Animal Friends, Expert Animal Samantha Khury opened my eyes to how animals really communicate. I’m looking forward to our upcoming joint workshops on August 10th and 17th so I can learn even more!

In the meantime, Samantha has shared some answers to commonly asked questions about pets, living and in the Spirit Realm.

How can I know if my deceased pet is with me?
After a pet passes, there will be a point when you can feel the energetic emptiness which is your signal that their soul has fully crossed over. Then about three days later, it should feel like the house isn’t empty in the same way. The new feeling is more like the way your home feels when a family member leaves to run a quick errand. They’re gone, but their absence feels temporary, and the house doesn’t feel empty or abandoned. I remember when my Irish Setter was alive, he would come up behind me when I was in the kitchen and goose me. After he passed, there was a point when I could feel his energy return, and I felt him behind me. I could sense him wanting me to acknowledge his presence. I said his name out loud, and could feel him there, just like I did when he was alive.

How does my pet tell me something is wrong?
If your pet has an emotional or physical problem that they need you to know about, they’ll start by being extra affectionate. They’ll rub up against you more than normal or stare at you and seem extra needy. Basically, they are doing what they can to get your attention to let you realize that they might be having stomach pain, kidney crystals, or some other aiment that is causing them discomfort. If you don’t pay attention, they have to take stronger measures. That could take the form of less than desirable behavior.  They. might pee in the house or do whatever they can to signal that something is wrong.

How do you keep your cat off the coffee table or the kitchen counter?
Don’t tell your pet what you want them to stop doing. Instead, SHOW them what you WANT them to do instead. I use pictures to communicate telepathically with my cat. I might use my words too, but also make sure the images I have in my mind match what I want her to do, not what I don’t want her to do. For example, if I want my cat to stay off the counter, I’ll visualize her on the floor, or in her cat bed. If you visualize what you want your animal to do, and send a positive message, you’ll be more relaxed, and communicate what you want clearly through images. When it comes to my own kitty, I even give her a job to do to replace the negative behavior – “patrol the baseboards and look for insects!”

How do you keep your dog from chewing things up when left alone at home?
The answer to this is similar to the last question. If you leave the house and worry while you’re gone about your dog chewing up pillows, you’re visualizing exactly what you do not want them to do. They pick up that image, and guess what? They chew your lovely pillows, just like you imagined they would. When you leave your dog at home, make sure they have a dog bone or some other treat to occupy them, and send them a positive vision and message, of them enjoying it. You might even send them an image and message  of what they can be doing while they wait for you – for example, “I love it when you patrol the yard.”

How do you encourage a puppy to pee outside?
Do you know the feeling when you can’t get to a bathroom? When you finally do, it’s such a relief! When you housetrain a puppy, channel that feeling and communicate it to them when you want them to “go.” You’ll want to establish a routine first. A puppy has a tiny bladder, so take them out every 45 minutes. Then signal to them by sending a mind-image of them peeing and include that feeling of release. It won’t take long for them to associate that feeling with being outside. Be positive and tuned in to your pup, and they will get the message – loud and clear.

Positive Pictures and Compassionate Communication
Humans think in words and use logic, but animals have much more developed their visual and sensory aspects. We can learn to communicate with them simply by switching over to their wavelength. Just remember – be positive and communicate in pictures – show your pet what you want them to do, and never show them the negative behavior that you want to discourage.

If you’re interested in deepening your own soul-connection with your pets and other animals, I have great news! On August 10th, 2022, I’ll be launching a new session of my Spiritual Animal Friends online course. In addition to 3 On-Demand Lessons, I’ll be hosting two, 2-hour live workshops with Samantha Khury.  We can’t wait to answer more questions, and share our secrets to talking to the animals!