Animals – They’re a Lot Like Us!

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Animals – They’re a Lot Like Us!

Aug 9, 2022 | JVP's Blog | 0 comments

Because I am a medium, unusual visions are quite commonplace – and usually related to spirits showing up with a message for me to share. But the other day I saw something that surprised even me. There was a little yellow bird hanging upside down by his feet as he nibbled away at the seeds in my bird feeder. I couldn’t figure out why he’d be doing such a thing, so I sent a telepathic message over to him. 

“Why are you hanging upside down, my little friend?”

“I’m a goldfinch, it’s what we do!” was his response.

I had never noticed a bird eating like that before, but I did a quick internet search and sure enough… 

Finches eat upside down! 

It turns out that Goldfinches are like little acrobats – they can eat upside down one minute and then flip around and eat standing upright the next. And it’s not just for fun! This trick lets them take advantage of food sources that are not easily accessible to other birds. 

Every Soul is Connected

This got me thinking about the habits of birds and other wildlife. Just like people, they have countless ways of adapting to their surroundings so they can survive and thrive. 

This fact expands upon something I’ve always known: Separateness is an illusion. Just like all people – living and dead – are connected, we are connected with our animal friends as well. 

It’s obvious when you hear of the devotion some animals have to their human companions and their own mates and offspring. The same issues we deal with every day, like keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe, fed, and healthy, drive the behavior of animals. 

Here are a few interesting things I found as I was researching animal behavior. Even though they pertain to animals, I bet they’ll remind you of someone in your own life. 

Do you know anyone who is always on guard and vigilant? They have something in common with the Dolphin – who keeps control by sleeping with one eye open and never fully relaxing their brain. 

Dolphins are mammals, so although they live in the sea and can hold their breath for a really long time, they do have to come up for air occasionally. That’s why the Dolphin’s brain will never fully disengage – it always needs to retain enough motor control to occasionally go up to the surface and breath. 

Have a family member that just can’t forgive? Like those unforgiving souls, a crow can hold a grudge against someone for years!

Don’t do anything to annoy a crow because they’ll remember you for years. There was an experiment where mask-wearing scientists captured crows and then released them. The crows did not appreciate the experience, and they hung around the lab and taunted and dive-bombed the scientists every time they had the masks on. Their vendetta persisted for years, and the crows even told other crows about the masked people who had captured them, so the retaliation increased over time!

How you’re raised can shape the person you become, even if you’re an elephant! Teenage elephants become delinquents if they don’t have strong parenting.

Just like a teenager can become troubled without proper parenting, elephants suffer when their adults are taken away. In the 1990s, a group of teenage elephants whose parents had been killed ran around murdering rhinos until middle-aged elephants were introduced into the herd. With the adult males around, the teenagers stopped terrorizing the community and settled right down. It goes to show how important it is to have strong role models and mentors. 

Use Empathy to Communicate With Any Animal

When you realize how much we have in common with animals, it makes perfect sense that we have the ability to communicate with them. Understanding the similarities between us is just the first step. The next is putting yourself in their “shoes.” Samantha Khury, animal communicator, teaches a telepathic communication process where you show the animal an image, and ask the questions “What does it feel like to be you?” Doing this allows you to get on the frequency of the animal, so you can understand one another. 

Just like people, an animal will open up to you when they feel you care about what they are experiencing. You can learn to communicate with them simply by switching over to their wavelength.

If you’re interested in feeling closer to your pets and other animals, I invite you to join me on a journey of discovery! On August 10th, 2022, I’ll be launching a new session of my Spiritual Animal Friends online course. In addition to 3 On-Demand Lessons, I’m including two, 2-hour live workshops with animal communicator, Samantha Khury.  We can’t wait to share secrets to animal communication, answer your pet related questions and demonstrate how much we have in common with the amazing creatures who share this space.