A Rainbow of Healing

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A Rainbow of Healing

Sep 15, 2022 | JVP's Blog | 0 comments

This morning I was walking through my house, preparing the guest rooms for some friends who will be visiting soon, and I noticed something interesting. While I tend to gravitate toward certain shades, each of my three guest rooms has a different color scheme – indigo, lighter blue, and gold. As I spent a few minutes in each room straightening the beds and opening windows, I noticed that my energy shifted as I was exposed to the colors of the walls, artwork, and bedding in each area. I felt centered and calm in the blue room, energized in the golden yellow room, and extra tuned-in to Spirit in the indigo room. 

Was I surprised by this? Absolutely not! 

I’ve always been fascinated by the ability color has to heal our minds and bodies, spark our creativity, and affect our moods. 

Did you hear that earlier this week, the universe sent a a colorful sign to help heal a grieving nation by displaying a magnificent rainbow over Windsor Castle just as the flag was lowered to honor the passing of the Queen? Meanwhile, back in London, a beautiful double rainbow was captured by mourners gathered at Buckingham Palace. There’s no doubt in my mind that this was not a coincidence! 

What color are you?
As a psychic, I see colors when I meet people. Some people show up as calm, cool “blues,” others are passionate “reds,” loving “greens,” spiritual “violets,” or talkative, cheerful “yellows.” People usually reflect multiple hues, but most have a predominant color or two.

Those colors that I sense are actually auras. Everyone has an aura, an energy field that extends out around them. The colors of the aura are layered and correspond with the 7 chakra colors. 

What is a chakra? Well, there are seven of them, and each is an energy center within your body that regulates specific organ functions and emotions. These energy centers are associated with different colors and run in a colorful chain from the base of your spine to right above your head. 

What Every Healer Should Know About Auras
When a chakra is blocked or unbalanced, that disharmony is reflected in your auric field. The colors of your aura should be bright and clear. When they’re muddy and dull it can indicate that a chakra needs balancing or healing. That blocked chakra will impact specific organs and emotions depending on its color and position. 

Reading a person’s colors is just one part of the healing equation. You can assess a client’s mental and physical health by noticing the size, colors, and vibrancy of their aura. It’s also important to be able to detect if there is foreign energy, or psychic debris clinging to it.  

Decoding the Colors of the Chakras
Color is not just beautiful to look at – it’s an amazing tool for a healer. It can help you understand the type of person you’re dealing with, assess their health, and help balance and heal them energetically. 

Here’s a quick overview of the energetic meaning of colors. Colors mean different things to different people, so be sure to also take your intuition into account when reading a client’s colors:

Red represents power and passion – bringing more red into a client’s field stimulates movement, helps nourish the blood, provides energy, is good for stiff constricted muscles, and also represents love and sex. Red isn’t a color everyone is comfortable with. Quiet people might not like red, or find that it overwhelms them. 

Orange is warm, cheery, and open. It’s a social color. Orange can relieve repression, giving a client other options and different roles to explore. Orange is a great color for an office or studio. From a healing perspective, it helps the lungs and respiration and relieves muscle cramps and spasms. 

Blue is for expression – cooling and electric, the color blue soothes suffering like a bath in cool clear water. It relieves inflammation from arthritis, levels out high blood pressure, relieves headaches and calms emotions. Blue also supports expression, speech and the throat. Blue helps us speak our truth. If you love blue like I do, you probably sense its magical, peaceful, calm properties. 

Indigo helps you see clearly. This Chakra color controls the pineal gland and influences what we see around us both in reality and spiritually. People who love indigo are visionaries. Adding indigo to someone’s life, either energetically or in paint or clothing, can help them see things In a different way.

Violet – Connecting to the Oneness. The color violet is associated with spiritual energy. Violet is physically and emotionally healing and brings ease, harmony, and spiritual growth. Violet represents the Crown Chakra and the infinite connection to Source. Violet can heal addictions and support your highest self. Decreases stress and sensitivity to pain. 

Yellow indicates cheerfulness, happiness, communication, and being who you are. Yellow helps strengthen the nerves in the mind. Yellow can heal the skin and scar tissue, energize the muscles, and sooth the nervous system. Lives in the stomach and liver and helps with digestion.  

Green represents love. It’s such a powerful healing color because love heals everything. Healing properties of green are the colors of nature and the earth. It stimulates the heart chakra and can heal emotional problems as well as the function of the heart and digestive system. Like the love that it represents, green brings peace, balance, and harmony. 

Color is not just beautiful to look at – it’s an amazing tool for a healer. It can help you understand the type of person you’re dealing with, assess their health, and help balance and heal them energetically. 

I’ve given you a glimpse into the significance and healing properties of color, but you might be asking yourself a few questions, like: 

  • How can I tune in and accurately detect auras?
  • How exactly does a healer balance and heal a damaged chakra? 
  • How can I help clear a client’s auric field? 

If you’d like to use color as a key to healing, you’ll love my JVP Certified Spiritual Healer Certification Course. Through videos, exercises and 4 live calls, I explore color in depth, and also take a deep dive into energetic healing, chakra healing, reading and healing auras, and so much more! My Healing Certification Course might be your first step toward healing yourself – or starting a career healing others.