10 Signs That You’re a Healer

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10 Signs That You’re a Healer

Sep 22, 2022 | JVP's Blog | 0 comments

This past year, I’ve noticed something really interesting. Since the pandemic, I’ve been hosting a lot of students calls, webinars, and reading events online. People sometimes worry that the connection won’t come through as well when we’re not in the same place, but if you’ve attended any of my Zoom video calls you know that is not an issue at all! 

In fact, some of my best readings have been with people who are miles and miles away – across the country and across the world. I guess that shouldn’t come as a surprise. If I can bring through messages from Spirits on the Other Side, it should be a simple matter to connect energetically with Susan in Australia! 

But here’s what I want to tell you…

Lately, as I connect with the energy of my Zoom audience, I am tuning in on so much powerful healing energy. I always mention it to them and it has me wondering why there are suddenly so many healers. I don’t know if it’s because of Covid or other shifts taking place in the world, but my guides have confirmed what I already suspected: there are more healers because that’s exactly what we need right now!

The Universe doesn’t make mistakes, and everything happens for a reason. But sometimes we question our intuition and doubt the signs that are right in front of us. Or we get so busy with day-to-day activities that we don’t even notice what the Universe is telling us. 

Some people just need a little confirmation. They often ask me “James, what is my gift? Why am I on this Earth?” I can tell that they’re a healer, psychic or medium – and of course I let them know. But while I’m happy to help, they don’t need me to tell them what makes them special. Their heart already has the answer. Some people have gifts that lie dormant until one day something happens, and they are called to act upon them. It might be a series of challenges or life events or a higher awakening – but suddenly their gift is undeniable.

Are you drawn to the healing arts? Here are 10 common signs…

  1. You instinctively know what to say and do to make people feel better – mentally, emotionally, and physically. 
  2. You’re highly sensitive and easily pick up on the energy around you.
  3. People seek you out as a confidant and frequently share their problems with you.
  4. You can sense how someone is feeling before they say a word. 
  5. You’ve been through a difficult initiation which has prepared you for a leadership role.
  6. You would consider yourself an “old soul.” You know you’ve had many lifetimes of experiences.
  7. You’re very concerned about the state of the world today.
  8. You frequently find yourself gravitating towards articles, books, and other materials that discuss a spiritual nature.
  9. You’re a natural empath, and feel pain when there is suffering around you, whether it’s people, pets, or Mother Nature.
  10. You have a nagging feeling that there’s something more you’re supposed to do and be.

How many of these signs resonated with you? I’d be willing to bet many of them did. 

The very fact that you took the time to read this blog and seriously consider these questions should tell you something! 

I can’t ignore what the universe is telling me every day. I know that so many people are sending out healing energy and are drawn to the healing arts because that is what is needed to change the world, and I want to do everything I can to help. 

If you’re ready to unlock your deep healing abilities, a new session of the JVP Spiritual Healing Certification Course is starting up now with 4 live calls and over 70 instructional videos, meditations, and exercises. If your heart is saying YES, don’t let anything get in the way. I’d be honored to help you unlock the healer inside you!