Choosing Happiness: 5 Secrets to Feeling Good No Matter What!

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Choosing Happiness: 5 Secrets to Feeling Good No Matter What!

Jan 27, 2022 | JVP's Blog

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it,” Thich Nhat Hanh

What do you want out of life? If you ask a group of people that question, chances are many of them will say “I just want to be happy.” But happiness can be elusive. That’s not surprising. All you have to do is turn on the news to be convinced that our natural state as human beings is fear and worry. I have one thing to say about that – TURN OFF THE NEWS!

Of course, you can’t entirely tune out the world, and it’s natural to feel badly sometimes. But you can get stuck in a rut of negativity, and that can lead to feeling hopeless and trapped.

Instead of going down a rabbit hole of worry and “what ifs” I challenge you to take positive action to feel good. These techniques will put the power back in your hands, so you can choose happiness no matter what is going on around you.

  • Practice Mindfulness. When you’re focused on the present moment, you’re not reliving the past or worrying about the future. Right there, you’ve eliminated just about everything that keeps you from experiencing peace of mind. I love to take meditative walks in my garden, and always make it a point to be fully present when doing simple tasks like washing dishes. Mindfulness allows you to focus on connecting with the people around you, observing the beauty of nature, or just tuning into your five senses.
  • Get Moving. This rings especially true for me right now. I lost my little dog last week, and I’ve been missing the way she would greet me every morning with her cold nose, nudging me out of bed. For a couple of days, I didn’t even want to get up and face my empty house without Maisey – but I knew I’d feel better if I got up and went outside. Now, I take a walk around my property and check my garden, then head to my Pilates class. I look for signs that Maisey is with me – and I feel her loving presence right by my side. Getting moving gets my blood flowing and helps me get in a positive space. And as anyone who exercises will tell you, once you get started, no one ever regrets taking time for a walk, a yoga class, or any kind of workout.
  • Act Like a Kid Again. How can you instantly feel happy? Let your inner child take over. I put a swing in my backyard, and any tension I feel melts away as I soar through the air. Children don’t spend time worrying or trying to please people, and you don’t have to, either. Give yourself permission to have fun and remember, even at the most challenging times, that you have control over how you react – and that happiness is just a thought away.
  • Practice Appreciation and Gratitude: It’s amazing to see how significantly appreciation and gratitude impact how you feel. One of the greatest contributing factors to overall happiness in life is how much gratitude we show. I make it a point to notice things I’m grateful for as I go through my day, and sometimes even recite them out loud like a mantra, “I’m grateful for my students, I’m grateful for my home, for living in beautiful San Diego, for my garden, for my friends…”
  • Pursue a life of Meaning: Studies prove that people who pursue a meaningful and engaged life tend to be much happier when compared to people who pursue pleasure. The happiest people tend to be deeply passionate and use that energy to better themselves and the world. They live with intention and meaning… rather than for the next material purchase.

Speaking of pursuing meaning, one thing that I’m grateful for every single day is the wonderful JVP community. When I’m teaching, I feel the joy of helping others develop their gifts. The knowledge that they will go out and share what I’m teaching with others makes it even better!

Many students ask me how to discover their true purpose and I always tell them to look inward and let their heart guide them. If you are drawn to pursue a spiritual path, the JVP School of Mystical Arts offers many options for light-workers.

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