Making Your Spiritual Gifts Work for You

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Making Your Spiritual Gifts Work for You

Feb 10, 2022 | JVP's Blog | 0 comments

Can you guess the question people ask me the most? It’s not what you think. Naturally, as a spiritual medium, I’m never surprised when people ask me about loved ones on the other side, but the most common question is something like this:

“What is my destiny?”
“Am I on the right path?”
“How can I use my special gifts?”

Those are the kind of questions that keep people up at night, and what’s funny is that they already have all the answers.

The universe is nudging you in the exact direction you need to go – you just have to learn to listen and trust it’s guidance.

From Trauma to Enlightenment
Sometimes Spirit gives you a gentle tap, and other times it’s not so subtle. My friend Kellee White is a good example.

In 2000, Kellee suffered a traumatic brain injury. Much to her shock, as she was recovering, she found herself seeing and talking to “dead people.” Just like that, Kellee realized her life purpose, healing others by bringing messages to loved ones from the other side.

Helping and healing people was not new to Kellee. As a psychotherapist, Kellee was in a good position to use her new gifts. But at first, she had some concerns about sharing her newly discovered abilities. What would her patients and coworkers think? Would she be an outcast in traditional therapy- or a joke?

Kellee came to me for advice, and I was able to help her get over the fear factor and start living her soul’s purpose.  She realized that rather than being an outcast in her profession, she had the chance to educate therapists everywhere about viewing their clients as spiritual beings. Kellee recently told me, “There is much stigma in the psychological community about people who are having spiritual experiences. That is a group that is limited. I feel compelled to open that door wide open!”

A major goal of Kellee’s work is to heal the soul, whatever it takes. Kellee uses many lenses in her sessions for viewing the soul that include traditional psychotherapy, mediumship, astrology, numerology and psychic ability.

Interested in learning more about Kellee White’s special blend of counseling? You can check out her web site here, of join us every Monday evening as we explore all things spiritual – from every perspective – on Both Sides Now and Beyond!

Is the Universe Trying to Tell You Something?
Kellee’s story is interesting because while realizing she was a medium was shocking at first, her gift simply supported the work she was already doing. As a therapist, she was already providing healing and support – her spiritual gift simply provided another avenue of understanding and connection.

You might be in a similar situation. Many of my students help and heal others every day as healthcare workers, coaches, counselors, parents, teachers, or massage therapists. Learning to incorporate their spiritual gifts into their everyday work is profoundly satisfying and helpful for all involved.  Not only that, but the more you can use those abilities that make you unique and special, the more you’ll feel that you’re fulfilling your true destiny.

Is Your Purpose to Help Others Live Their Best Life?
Have you dreamed of a career helping others fulfill their potential and live happy, healthy, successful lives? My Spiritual Life Coach Certification Course isn’t just about finding a new career, it is about helping you to take advantage of every one of your amazing gifts – and use them to help yourself and others.

If you’re reading this blog, it might be a sign from the universe that great things are just around the corner! Let your intuition guide you and give yourself permission to explore what the universe and your guides are telling you. Click here to see how you can succeed by doing what you love. I look forward to working with you as your mentor and coach.