The Magic of the Moment

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The Magic of the Moment

Feb 17, 2022 | JVP's Blog | 0 comments

I spent the weekend with some new friends I had met at the Tucson gem show earlier in the month. Our conversations touched on all kinds of things, gems, natural resources, COVID, the current condition of the world in general – until it finally came to “spirituality.” We all agreed that everything comes down to love of mother earth, ourselves, and one another. If you even doubt this for a second, just imagine how so many of the disturbing events of the last few years would have been alleviated – or at least been more manageable – if we adopted this plan.

Funnily enough, I also added to this group of gemologists…”we should treat each other like “rare gemstones” and remind ourselves and others how unique, brilliant and precious we all are.

Experience the Magic

As a spiritual teacher, people often turn to me for advice about how to navigate life’s challenges. They see that I normally stay positive and upbeat no matter what’s happening around me. When this group asked me how I cope with all the changes and uncertainty in the world, I looked at them and said, “I live in THE MOMENT.” At that point, they each got a strange look on their face, as if they were trying to make sense of my words – so I continued. “One must be willing to live FULLY in the magic of each moment. Yesterday has already passed and there is nothing we can do about that, tomorrow is yet to be, so why waste energy worrying?” All we have is “RIGHT NOW!”  I continued on to say that if we live in the moment, we remove the distractions of worry and fear, allowing us to make the best possible use of our time, and make choices and gain insights that will assist us as we continue on our journey.

Sit in the Silence

I further explained that much of my understanding came through my development as a medium. How many times have you heard me tell students to “sit in the silence?” It’s such a simple but powerful technique. When we take the time to sit and go within, we give ourselves the opportunity to “unwrap our spiritual gifts.” We gain insights from the deepest part of our souls about why we are here and what lessons we have been put on this earth to learn. We gain confidence in the gifts that the universe has bestowed upon us. Then and only then, do we begin to truly honor who we are and live accordingly.

Why am I Here?  

I enjoy being a medium, and there’s no doubt in my mind that I was put on this earth to provide others with indisputable evidence that death is an illusion, and our loved ones are always with us. It’s comforting to know what the universe expects of me, and I find great fulfillment in walking this path.

But beyond that, I like to assist people in unwrapping their own soul’s unique abilities, whether that be psychic, artist, healer, medium, parent, therapist, gardener, empath, etc…

When I help a student unleash their gifts, I imagine the impact – the ripple effect – those gifts have on the world.

Living Your Best Life and Helping Others Live Theirs

That’s why I love my Spiritual Life Coach Course. More than any of my courses, it provides exercises, teachings and techniques that allow students to understand what’s unique and special about them and help them break through old destructive patterns. As they progress through the lessons, they learn how to use those techniques to help others – either as a professional coach or in their day to day lives as a parent, partner, friend, or family member.

If you’re drawn to helping others (and yourself) realize what precious gems they really are and use their unique gifts to live healthy, happy lives, Spiritual Life Coaching might be just what your soul is looking for. This could be your magic moment! Go here for more details – and don’t wait. The new session starts Thursday, February 17th, 2022.