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Mediumship Made Easy

Jan 26, 2022 | JVP's Blog

So here I am on a Zoom call, wrapping up the latest session of my Mediumship Level 1 Certification Course. My computer screen is set on “gallery mode” so I can see the faces of over 60 light workers who are on the call. For me, it’s exactly like looking out over a live audience because I can see beyond the surface to the auric fields that surround my students. I’m aware of the teams of angels, guides and spirit people that are with them. As I take all that in, I notice the outline of a little blue hand signaling that someone on Zoom has a question for me.

I can pick up on Spirit, but after I connect, I have a hard time getting accurate details,” says a young woman. I can tell she has a real gift, but at the same time, I know she’s tough on herself and tends to push too hard and overthink her readings.

Don’t worry about the details. The details will come!” I tell her. “Sit in the stillness and get in touch with your heart space. You’ve got to get out of your head!” I’m happy to have gotten this question so early because just about everyone on the call needs to hear this advice.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve advised students to sit in the stillness, stop trying so hard, and connect with their heart space. It sounds so simple, and I can just feel their skepticism. “That’s it, James? That’s all you’ve got?”

Yes. Like many simple truths, that’s it.

Relax and open up to Spirit.
As a medium, I know that trying too hard during a reading can block the flow of divine energy. Think of it this way. Imagine yourself trying to force open a door that’s stuck. What is your body doing? It’s probably clenched and tense and tight. When you’re trying to connect with spirit, that’s the exact opposite of where you want to be – physically and energetically!

A medium raises their vibration to connect to the higher frequency of the spirit realm. This is accomplished by being still, opening up, and surrendering.

As a spiritual teacher, I can tell when a mediumship student is trying too hard, often I’ll sense a spirit trying to come through with a message, and feel the connection blocked as surely as if the student had built a wall between themselves and the Spirit realm!

While we’re on the topic of not trying too hard, let me add a couple of other thoughts that will be helpful to any aspiring medium.

Riding the Wave.
When a medium establishes a solid connection with a spirit, the messages come through in waves. There will be a memory, a piece of evidence, a detail, then a slight pause, and another piece of information from the same spirit. During the lull, I can often tell that an inexperienced medium is frantically searching for another piece of information instead of “riding the wave.” That’s where new mediums can get in trouble – guessing, asking too many questions, or trying too hard. When a medium is confident in the flow of their spirit connection, they can surrender to it, confident that more insights will reveal themselves.

Blending with Spirit.
If you’ve watched me do a reading, you know that I “become” the Spirit I’m connecting with. You’ll hear me say “I am a woman between 50 and 60. I have a feisty personality. When I passed, I was in a hospital. I open up (there’s that phrase again) and allow spirit to speak through me. This technique is called blending, and when I coach my students, I encourage them to practice blending in the same way.

I can see when they’re doing it correctly! In addition to how they convey the message, “I am, I feel…etc.” their whole energy field shifts – their way of speaking changes, the cadence of their voice, their mannerisms. I can sometimes even see the face of the being coming through superimposed on the medium’s face.

Inviting Spirit in.
Another technique that experienced mediums rely on is creating a ritual. They might meditate before a reading, light a candle, or say a prayer. By doing this, they’re setting the stage for Spirit to come through.

Personally, I like to meditate before a reading or an event. During this time, I make it a point to invite all the Spirits to join me on stage. I allow a sense of excitement to build inside me as I set my intention. It’s a wonderful feeling, knowing I’ll be talking to souls on the other side and helping the living to heal! When I’m doing the reading, I keep my thoughts positive, and my energy light. Remember, Spirit is attracted to joy, laughter, and LOVE.

Being part of a spiritual community.
I’m grateful every day to be able to spend my life doing work that fulfills me at the deepest possible level. If you’re called to be a medium, I want you to experience the same joy and sense of divine purpose.

If you’ve studied the basics of mediumship – either with me or another spiritual teacher, I invite you to join me and a gifted group of mediumship students for the 2021 Session of Mediumship Level II, where you’ll learn techniques to help you gain confidence, clarity and power as a professional medium. The new session begins in just a few weeks, and you can learn more here. If you like what you see, don’t overthink it! Take the next step on your mediumship journey by filling out an application.