Goodbye Doesn’t Have to Be the End

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Goodbye Doesn’t Have to Be the End

Jun 22, 2022 | JVP's Blog | 0 comments

Father’s Day was last Sunday, and I spent the evening having dinner with a few friends. We were all free to get together that evening, because, sadly, not a single one of us has a father who is still living. While we shared the common experience of losing our dads, that was where the similarity ended.

The relationships had been very different.

One friend shared how close she had been to her father.

“My father was the most important person in my life. We talked every day, and he was always available for support and advice. There was never doubt in my mind that he loved me. When he passed suddenly of a heart attack, I was lost – but eventually the pain passed, and I realized how lucky I was to have him in my life for so many years.”

Then another person in our group chimed in, and his feelings were more conflicted.

“My father was really hard on me, and I never felt I measured up to his expectations. There was no such thing as unconditional love with my dad! It was all about pitting me and my brothers against each other – pushing us to compete at school, sports, and later in our careers. As a result, no one in the family was very close. When he passed, I felt numb, and even though he’s been gone over ten years, when I think about how he treated me, I still feel so angry. On the other hand, he pushed me to work hard, and I have a good life because of that. The worst part about it is that he’s dead, so I’ll never be able to gain his approval, no matter what I do, or how successful I am.”

Leaving the Door Open for Healing
Relationships are complicated, and the feelings that engulf you when death takes away a parent can be powerful. If you’re someone who didn’t feel loved by a parent, or were estranged from them when they died, the loss can hit especially hard. You might feel as if the door has closed, or the clock has stopped – and you’ll never have the chance to “fix” the relationship and have the closeness and love from your parent that you crave.

Worst of all, the disappointment and unresolved feelings that come when someone passes can block you from being truly happy and fulfilling your own purpose on Earth.

As a medium, I can tell you that death doesn’t mean your relationship is over – because love never dies. If you have mixed emotions, unfinished business, or anger toward someone who has passed over, it’s not too late. They are still watching over you, wanting nothing more than to give you the love and support they were incapable of providing when they were alive.

Tuning into Love…
As a medium, I serve as a channel, delivering all the love and healing that the dead have for those they left behind.

I remember one reading clearly…

A woman was in the audience, and her father was so insistent about coming through that I knew I had to go to her immediately and deliver his message.

I could feel that he was heartbroken, watching his daughter go about her life. She had difficulty trusting people because her father had been so distant that she didn’t feel she was worthy of love.

During the reading, he took responsibility and wanted to make amends. “I wasn’t taught about how to love when I was a boy. My parents worked hard, but they never showed me any affection, and as a result. I didn’t know how to show my love for you. Looking back, that is my deepest regret!” 

He went on to say that he was always with her, watching over her and sending her so much love. He told her to be aware of signs that he was around, and I could feel his love coursing through me, and surrounding her. As she received his message and his love, the woman’s demeaner changed. It was as if a weight had lifted, and she seemed to glow from within.

“Don’t let this conversation end – talk to him every day!” I told her. “He’s always there, and he can hear your thoughts. You can feel his love anytime if you just open your heart.”  

Insights From the Other Side Provide Clarity and Hope
I remember a time that a mother and father on the Other Side came through to their adopted son at one of my events. “We have a birthday present for you!” they said, excitedly.

They’re bringing through a Margaret and a Joe,” I told the man. Does that make sense to you?

“Those were my birth parents. I never knew them.” He frowned.

Margaret, the man’s birth mother, had an important message to share. “You’re 52 today, and I don’t want you to go through any more of your life suffering, thinking we didn’t want you. I was young and homeless when I got pregnant, and I knew we couldn’t give you the life you deserved, so I found this couple who could love you and give you all the opportunities that I couldn’t provide. Not a day went by that I didn’t think of you, and now you have four of us sending you love every day from Heaven”

Not Being There at the End
A lot of people have regrets that they weren’t there when a loved one took their last breath. What they don’t realize is that the dying often want it to be that way. It was like that with my own mom. On the day she passed, she was in the hospital, and my father had been visiting her. She waited until he left to cross over. In fact, my dad was going down the elevator in the hospital and my sister was going up to see my mother, and their elevators passed each other at the very moment she died.

You Can Help Others to Heal
A medium can bring through powerful love energy to heal someone’s pain. It’s such a privilege to serve as the instrument for Spirit through which they can change a person’s life. My favorite thing in the world is to help others to feel connected to loved ones in the Spirit Realm. It’s life changing for them, and so gratifying and rewarding for the medium.

If you can connect with spirit, I can teach you how to enhance your gift – so you can spread love and change the world!

Right now, I’m signing up a new group of students for my Mediumship Certification Level I Program. Registration is closing in a couple of weeks, and we’ll be kicking off the 8 week online course with a live, online workshop.

I can help you gain the skills and confidence you’ve been searching for to gain control of your mediumship, bring through messages from the other side, and build a career helping others grow and heal, just as I have for over 40 years!