What Does Discernment Mean to a Medium?

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What Does Discernment Mean to a Medium?

Jun 17, 2022 | JVP's Blog | 0 comments

Has this ever happened to you? You “see” something out of the corner of your eye and immediately sense the presence of Spirit. It could be a figure or vision that appears before you, and you might also notice emotions or a message associated with it. It definitely feels like more than a shadow or a trick of the light, but you can’t be sure. Then, after a minute or two, you start to doubt what you’ve seen. Or you mention it to someone and their reaction causes you to question yourself.

This experience is common to those who have a natural gift of mediumship. Seeing visions or sensing the presence of the Spirit people is just the beginning. Understanding what you’re seeing and having the confidence to pass those messages on to others takes training and practice. And that starts with something called discernment.

The most important quality of mediumship.
Early in my journey, I sometimes second-guessed the messages that came through. “Was this insight coming from spirit, was I projecting my own thoughts and beliefs, or could I have been picking up on the thoughts of my client?” I wondered, “Was I just wishing the messages into existence?”

That’s when a wise teacher explained the concept of discernment. I realized quickly that discernment was the key – the foundation – of good mediumship.

Discernment is very simply, the ability to distinguish between things. True and false, good and evil, what actually exists, and what we wish existed.
Discernment takes more than just hearing words or observing a situation. Those actions are conducted by the mind. True discernment requires you to go deeper – to use your heart, your intuition, and to tap into your connection to source to see the truth.

Seeing the real truth – in any situation.
Is discernment limited to mediumship? No. It’s being able to determine the authentic truth in any situation. That’s not always easy, because it means letting go of what you want to see, to seek out what really is.

Recognizing filters and biases.
Have you ever met someone who you immediately admired? Maybe they were accomplished, clever, fit, attractive or stylish? Maybe all the above! You were drawn to them and wanted to get to know them better – but after spending more time with them, you realized their attractive shell was just that – a shell. They weren’t who you thought they were.

They were showing you something that wasn’t 100% who they were, and you were attracted to it. They wanted to be liked, and you wanted to like them – so you both had the same goal. However, after a while, your discernment kicked in and you got a more accurate picture of who they were.

The same thing happens with mediumship.

The medium wants to please their client. The client wants to receive a message from a loved one. The spirit on the other side wants to connect.

But what is important is delivering the true message.

As a medium, every message you receive comes through your own filters. Mediums are human, but mediumship requires that you recognize when your ego, beliefs, biases, and preconceptions are influencing your readings. It’s easy to slip into the habit of saying what you think the client wants to hear.

But that doesn’t help anyone.

Taking the time to learn how to identify a real message from spirit.
Learning to be confident in your messages is a delight for a medium. Imagine not second guessing yourself – knowing that the words you are sharing with your client are what the spirit has intended.

I can help you fine tune your own gift of discernment, so that you can pin-point the truth in mediumship, and in every aspect of your life.

Ready to take the first step?
I’m about to launch a NEW SESSION of one of my most popular courses, the JVP Mediumship Level 1 Certification.

This course has launched many successful mediums! Here’s just a sample of what you can expect to learn from this course:

  • Deepening your discernment to tap into Spirit’s life-changing guidance.
  • The 4 crucial keys to giving accurate readings to yourself and others.
  • How to masterfully work with your Spirit Guides.
  • Special techniques for Mental, Target and Physical Mediumship.
  • How to build the spiritual business of your dreams.
  • And much more!

This year, I want to work with your class more closely than ever before – so I’m including a 2-hour workshop to kick off the course, and another 2-hour workshop to evaluate your mediumship after you’re finished with your lessons.

Discernment changes everything!
I can’t stress enough how life-changing discernment can be. Learning to trust what you know in your heart will help you in ALL areas of your life, not just your mediumship. Through deepening your intuition, and enhancing your Spirit connection, you’ll gain the confidence to make the right when it comes to your career, your relationships, your health – everything. You’ll learn to value your own insights over the opinions of others. And yes – you’ll stop second guessing the messages, insights, and impressions you receive from Spirit.