Happy Birthday Libra!

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Happy Birthday Libra!

Oct 21, 2015 | JVP's Blog

Positioned right in the middle of the Zodiac, Libra is the only sign represented by an inanimate object – a set of scales. Not quite fitting in with the humans and animals that make up the other eleven signs, a scale makes sense when you consider the place Libra occupies in the sky.

When the Romans identified the Libra constellation, it contained the Autumnal Equinox — the point in the sky where the sun crossed the equator on its way from the Northern Hemisphere to the south. That’s the time of the year when days and nights were equal and balanced. It was because of Libra’s location that scales were chosen as the symbol for this constellation. They were thought to represent the scales in which night and day were weighed, and which on the date of the equinox were perfectly balanced.

The influence of Venus.

In the Zodiac, Libra’s scales represent the scales of justice.  They also represent balance in all things. But understanding the star constellation of Libra is only one part of the puzzle. The best way to understand Libra is to also take into account the sign’s planetary ruler, Venus. The influence of Venus is the reason that Libras not only tend to be beautiful themselves, but have a great love and appreciation of art, music and beauty. A fascinating fact to note – those born under this sign actually see colors differently and more vividly than everyone else!

Peaceful Libra can go too far in avoiding confrontation.

Libras seek fairness, balance and serenity in all things, and because of this make good friends and partners. They are able to stand back and look impartially at most matters, and for the most part are balanced, diplomatic and even-tempered. However, their balance can go awry when their commitment to taking the middle ground backfires. They can stir up all sorts of trouble with their non-confrontational ways. In trying to be everything to everyone, they sometimes find themselves stuck in the middle, unable to identify how they feel about the situation. This is where their reputation for untruthfulness comes from. Because of their desire for peace and fairness, they feel totally justified when they lie in order to avoid making waves.

Libra unbalanced.

Libras can be changeable and indecisive, easily bored, and easygoing to the point of inertia. Their love of pleasure may lead them into extravagance. Both sexes love clothing and beautiful things for the home, and are willing to go into hock, if need be, to satisfy their passion for shopping.

Putting their love of justice and beauty to work.

Librans can be very hard workers, though they avoid dull, repetitive and dirty work. Their love of justice and fairness makes them good diplomats, administrators and lawyers – while their aesthetic sense makes them successful as decorators, designers, artists, composers, critics, and writers.

Libra in Love.

In love relationships Libra seeks out a tranquil, calming experience.

As a partner they are relaxed, content, and carefree.  They don’t sweat the small stuff in love, allowing small idiosyncrasies to go unnoticed. When a relationship starts to go bad, Libra might hang in there a little too long – unwilling to confront and make a clean break. Their most successful relationships are with astrological types that encourage Libras to be themselves, and focus as much on their own happiness as the needs of their mate.

Life in balance.

Consider yourself lucky if you have a lovely, easygoing Libra in your life. Their love of beauty, fairness and justice, and their pleasing ways make them a pleasure to be around!