Wayne Dyer By The Numbers

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Wayne Dyer By The Numbers

Oct 10, 2015 | JVP's Blog

I’m delighted to share this guest blog written by my good friend Glynis McCants. Glynis will also be hosting for me on my Hay House Radio show this Tuesday – so be sure to tune in! Glynis is Hollywood’s “go to girl” when it comes to numerology. Author of the bestselling book, Glynis Has Your Number, after successfully picking her husband through Numerology, Glynis was inspired to write her latest book Love by the Numbers.

Glynis McCants is convinced that when we have someone’s name and date of birth, we can discover exactly who they really are. What is equally exciting is that by knowing our own Numerology Blueprint, we can focus on our strengths, and overcome our weaknesses.

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Wayne Dyer: 3 9 3 1 11/2* Life Path / 6 Attitude

Destiny Number: 1

Maturity Number: 3

Wayne Dyer passed away on August 30th, and it came as a shock.

What was an amazing coincidence for me is that my sister Monica who lives in New Zealand, was at his final lecture on Thursday, August 27th. She had called me on that Friday to tell me all about the event because she knew I had worked with him in the past.

She did say it was his first time back in New Zealand in 30 years, and that everyone was so excited to see him (around 2,000 people were in the audience). Monica also said Wayne was in great spirits, being very playful with the audience, and was optimistic about the future.

I had worked with Wayne at a few self-help conferences and we had had some very memorable in depth conversations. I do recall telling him at one point that he had the Magical Number combination of 1 (His Destiny Number), 2 (His Life Path Number), and 3 (his Maturity Number). He certainly believed in magic, and had actually written a book called Real Magic.

Wayne Dyer’s Name Numbers were 9/3/3, and the greatest gift with the Double 3 Vibration is the ability to motivate and uplift other people. When you have that Double 3 Energy, you can do it through teaching, writing, motivational speaking, etc. His fans affectionately nicknamed him “The Father of Motivation”.

Wayne’s massive success on PBS was well known, and in his lifetime, he had written 40 books- 21 of them were New York Times Bestsellers. His first book The Erroneous Zone, sold thirty-five million copies. My two favorite books of his were Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life, and The Power of Intention. I found both books to be incredibly inspiring. His Destiny Number was a 1, and if you take a look at his body of work, one could easily conclude that he was “#1” at what he did.

He had a 6 Attitude Number which gave him the “Father Energy” and his unconditional love for his children was always evident when he talked about them. He often had his daughter Skye sing at his events, and when he watched her sing, you could see the love and adoration in his eyes. He had also co-written his book Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You with his daughter Serena.

It is so important that a person fulfill their Life Path Number in order to be truly happy- Wayne Dyer’s Life Path Number was the Master Number 11/2, and his ability to get out there and speak to thousands of people, write those empowering books, and give us wonderful thoughts for the day to encourage us, makes it clear he lived his Master Number 11/2 Life Path to the fullest!

Wayne Dyer is a wonderful example of someone who embraced all of the traits in his Numerology Blueprint, and as a result, made this World a much better place.

I came across a quote of his that I believe sums up how he lived his life:

“Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed.”

He certainly lived by this quote, and we all should apply this quote to our own lives as well. His work on this planet is now done, and I am sure his words will continue to help millions of people in the years to come. May He Rest in Peace. 


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