Keep Other People’s Baggage in its Place

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Keep Other People’s Baggage in its Place

Aug 9, 2019 | JVP's Blog

I had a funny thought this morning. I was packing for a weekend visit to the desert and  the simple act of fitting clothes into my suitcase put me in somewhat of a meditative state. As my mind slipped into a contemplative place, I found myself reviewing some of the truths Spirit has revealed to me over the years.

One thing I know for certain is this: the idea that you have control over the world or other people is an illusion. The only thing that’s in your power is how you react.

It’s not about you.
When you’re dealing with your spouse, co-worker, child, or anyone you’re sharing space with, don’t take their actions personally. Remember that they are on their own journey, just as you are. If someone cuts you off on the highway, do what you have to in order to continue on your way safely – this might mean tapping your brakes or moving to a different lane. It doesn’t require that you get angry.  Anger is allowing someone else’s actions to impact YOUR mood. That not only spoils your day but can also affect the people you come in contact with.

Instead of getting upset, step back and detach emotionally. Put yourself in the other persons shoes. What is going on in their life? That “bad driver” might be racing to pick up a sick child from school. Send them love and move on with your day.

We are all the sum of our experiences.
When you meet someone, it’s not just them you’re meeting. Everyone brings with them a virtual moving van of “stuff” which includes every experience and relationship they have had.

We’re all the connected – but our individual experiences color our world. Make sure not to let other people’s experiences spill over onto you. Keep yourself pure by staying grounded and protecting your energy.

Be compassionate in your dealings with other, but don’t feed their drama! Any baggage they bring with them from their past is all theirs. Let it remain with them.

So, that leads me to the funny thought I had while packing my bag.

“It’s not your job to unpack other people’s baggage.”

Student or Teacher?
Look for the lessons in your interactions with others. People that come across your path are either students or teachers. You’re in a position to learn something or teach something to every person you encounter. Maybe both! Objectively look for the lesson, and you’ll find yourself being more mindful and less reactive – and ultimately more at peace – as you go about your day.

Healing the world.
Many of you are finding the world a baffling and frightening place right now. We’re certainly in a period of change and transition (if you missed last week’s blog you may want to check it out, because 4 planets in retrograde, a black moon, and two eclipses have a lot to do with that!) You might find yourself fixated on the news, constantly checking the stock market, or crying over stories of mass shootings or families separated by ICE.

So, what do you do?
When you feel powerless, start small. Step back and realize that we are all connected energetically and make the choice to be a beacon of light. The simple act of radiating love, forgiveness and compassion sends a ripple effect out into the world. Make a donation, sign a petition or figure out how you can be helpful, but keep in mind that  you can’t effectively change the world until you get your own house in order. You can’t control the macrocosm, but you can make your own little microcosm a place pf peace and love.

I share so many ideas like these in my Spiritual Life Coaching Course. If you’re ready to step into your own power and help others step into theirs – I encourage you to learn more! It’s full of tools to guide you on your journey and become the beacon of light that the world needs.