Personal Transformation Courtesy of the Sun, Moon and Planets

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Personal Transformation Courtesy of the Sun, Moon and Planets

Aug 3, 2019 | JVP's Blog

The other day my calendar was particularly busy with student calls, a remote radio broadcast, and several video conferences. That would have been fine, except every piece of equipment seemed to be malfunctioning in mysterious ways. “Mercury retrograde” I muttered to myself, but then realized it was so much more than that. Currently, we are feeling the effect of four planets and an asteroid in retrograde – not to mention two eclipses and a black moon.

Well, that explains a LOT!

Luckily for me, I’d allowed a little extra time to navigate through my technical challenges and was able to sort things out and take care of business. Just a reminder; time, patience and a little extra attention to detail are all useful tools to have on hand when the heavens serve up their unique brand of chaos – but this upheaval is not all bad.

Manifesting under the Black Moon.
That night, I decided to take advantage of the transformational power of the “black moon,” which is the occurrence of a second full moon in a single month. The significance of a black moon is that it brings powerful change energy.  With that in mind, I decided to write a list of all the positive changes I wanted in my life. My list included changes that I desired in my personal life, new habits I wanted to start for my health, and shifts that I wanted to implement for my students. Then, to seal the deal, I sat in a salt bath – I even sprinkled salt around the tub for extra power. I read each item on my list three times out loud, then allowed the paper to dissolve in the salty water. After this ritual was completed, I had reinforced my intentions in my own soul and was confident that the universe was working to deliver what I desired.

What in the Heavens is going on right now?
I believe, with a positive attitude and an open mind you can find an opportunity for growth in any challenge life provides. And there’s plenty of good in the current situation, as long as you understand the forces in play.  Here’s a recap of what is going on in the sky this summer, and what it means to you:

Solar and Lunar Eclipses.
In July we had both a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse. Eclipses are fascinating paradoxes – they bring order while also bringing upheaval and change. When their energy is present, it will reveal to you areas in your where life change is necessary.

Because the eclipses in July took place close to Pluto and Saturn, their effect was very intense. Saturn is the planet of Karma and Pluto reveals things that have been hidden. Add those things together, and they provide momentum to actualize your mission in life – but hang on, because the  Karmic resets that will occur are not comfortable. We will feel the energetic effects of the July eclipses through September, and even when they subside, it won’t be for long, because they are connected to two more eclipses that will take place on December 2019 and January 2020.

The good news.

  • The power of the eclipses will affect the workplace because Saturn is related to work. If you’re doing work that you don’t like, now is the optimum time to figure out the work you’re here to do.
  • You don’t have to do this alone! Mentors often come into play at this time. You might be surprised to find someone appearing in your life who can help you identify your next steps and make a successful career transition.
  • This is also a good time to start getting help for your health – get that health check-up and focus on good habits related to diet and exercise.

Four Powerful Planets in Retrograde.

What is retrograde? People often imagine that in retrograde, planets go backward. They actually don’t, but they do slow down a lot.

Mercury in retrograde:
Right now, Mercury is in retrograde and it’s very apparent because it is normally such a fast-moving planet. The effects are obvious. Communication between people gets garbled, there are lots of technical problems, and travel is inevitably delayed. This happens 3-4 times per year, and it’s always pretty obvious to me when it does.

I was born during a Mercury retrograde so I almost have an affection for the havoc it can cause. Especially when I consider it’s positive side.

When Mercury is in retrograde, you are forced to slow down and be mindful. Rather than distractedly listening while glancing at your phone, pay close attention during conversations and agreements. This focus is good for your relationships with others and is a great habit to get into. One more perk – during this time, you’ll be motivated to finish things. Tackle that project you’ve been putting off! This month, I’ve been busy re-doing my filing in the office and putting the finishing touches on my musical.

Jupiter in retrograde:
Jupiter is just about ready to come out of retrograde, but while it’s here, you might be experiencing or witnessing jealousy or excessive behavior.

When Jupiter is direct, it’s benevolent and loving so when it goes retrograde, you can expect the opposite influences to come into play.

Saturn in retrograde:
Saturn, the planet of karma, slows down this year from April 29th – Sept 18th.

Your words and actions will come back to you, as the retrograde state delivers a double dose of karma.

Take this opportunity to forgive and do what you can to make amends for anything in your past that you might regret.

Neptune in retrograde:
Neptune is in retrograde from June 21- Nov 27th. Neptune is all about faith and represents hopes and dreams. When it goes retrograde, it may test your beliefs, but don’t let this period break you! You have free will, and nothing should make you doubt your dreams.

You have to watch your negative thoughts and double down on what’s important to you.

Pluto retrograde:
From April 24th – October 3rd Pluto in retrograde will reveal secrets – expect anything hidden to surface. During this time be upfront and honest! You have no choice – anything you don’t want to have known will show up, no matter how hard you try to hide it.

The events happening in the sky this summer will give you an opportunity to discover who you really are. Your soul chose to be here at this time for a reason! This is prime time for your soul to evolve – but knowledge is power. Be aware of what’s happening in the heavens and know yourself. You’re not here by accident, and with mindful intent, you can use this opportunity to move to the next level of your journey and master the lessons you were sent here to learn.