Love is in the Cards: 3 Ways to Activate Love in your Life

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Love is in the Cards: 3 Ways to Activate Love in your Life

Feb 4, 2020 | JVP's Blog

February, the month of LOVE, is almost here. I’d like to start out the month with a question. Do you have enough love in your life? As souls having a human experience on earth, love is our natural vibration – in fact, we ARE love. But if that’s so, why do so many find themselves searching in vain for a soul mate or longing for a deeper, more meaningful connection with family and friends?

The answer is simple. Instead of embracing the energy of love, many of us distance ourselves from it for fear of not being good enough or of being hurt. I wrote The Power of Love to encourage you to put aside fear, and choose love. Then, as a compliment to the book, I created my Power of Love Activation Card Deck.

This colorful 44-card deck is designed to remind you, in a simple and profound way, that love is the reason why you are here. Here are three easy ways to use the deck to activate love in your life, along with examples of some of my personal card readings.

1) Allow spirit to send you the message you need to hear.

Shuffle the cards until spirit gives you the sign to stop. Awareness is key here – tune into your intuition as you handle the cards.  When you sense that it is time to stop, pick a card from the deck.  Trust and honor that the universe will deliver the exact card that you need – with a message that will inspire, unblock or enlighten you.

This morning I pulled the PURPOSE card. The message was “You possess the determination and dedication to consciously demonstrate love. The message was crystal clear! I’ve dedicated February to sharing The Power of Love, and my live events, blogs and radio shows have all been dedicated to exploring different facets of love. With the month drawing to an end, this card is a reminder that sharing LOVE is my Divine purpose, not just now but every day of the year.

2) Trust your higher self, and select a card that resonates with you.

People who use my card decks often share that there is one card that has special significance. They’ll tell me this particular card pops up more often that the others in spreads, and or it just “feels different.” Find your special card by spread your whole deck out face up. Allow your gaze to gently scan the cards – don’t force it!  Let yourself be guided to one card. It might appear clearer or brighter than the rest, or the words might call out to you.  Put that card somewhere you will see it, and stop throughout the day to look at your card and allow the message to permeate your consciousness. What is Spirit trying to tell you?

I recently selected the card of PATIENCE. The message is “You are able to let the Universal energy of transformation move according to its own loving rhythm.” After letting the message sink in for a day or two, it came to me that the work that I, and so many others, am doing to spread the vibration of love WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. The world might not  change overnight, but Spirit is letting me know to trust in the ripple effect of love and compassion!

3) For more detailed insights, try a three-card spread.

You may do this spread for yourself or for another person. Have person receiving the reading shuffle to infuse the cards with their energy.  Lay the first card to your left. This card represents a past lesson that may be casting a shadow over the present if it has not been embraced or learned. Place the next card to the right of the first card. This card represents the energy that exists today, whether the person receiving the reading is aware of it or not. Place the third card to your right. This card suggests the long-term lesson to be learned. It is the end of the arc. It may relate to the situation at hand, or it could be an ultimate life lesson of which this situation is just a piece of the puzzle.

I created a three card spread for my Operations Manager, Liz. Her cards were, from left to right, Responsibility, Willingness and Unity.  Spirit was letting her know that the road she has travelled and the seeds of love she has planted within her family and the work she has done with the students and spiritual community will contribute to the universal love vibration. 

I channeled The Power of Love Activation Card Deck from my guides and master teachers, in order to reactivate and expand an aspect of your soul, which might have been unconsciously hidden deep down within you. They’re a beautiful and colorful way to infuse a “love lesson” into every day. Know that by activating your natural vibration of love, you are bringing everything into perfect harmony and oneness of being.