Take a Leap – Five Ways to Challenge Yourself on February 29th

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Take a Leap – Five Ways to Challenge Yourself on February 29th

Feb 28, 2020 | JVP's Blog

I woke up earlier this week and felt a powerful energy in the air. When I glanced at the calendar, it hit me. 2020 is a leap year, so there’s an extra day in February. And February 29th is not JUST another day. As a psychic medium and spiritual teacher, I’ve always known this day was special.

There are lots of reasons why.

Looking back four years.

February 29th only comes around every four years, and that fact alone makes it significant. When you think back to what you were doing this time last year, life might not have been very different. But who were you last February 29th? Have you made a change, grown spiritually, learned lessons? I remember clearly what I was doing four years ago, and it’s interesting to reflect on how my life has evolved since then.

But there’s more than that. To me, February 29th has always had its own unique, powerful energy. And, while I know this intuitively, the stars and the numbers support what my soul is telling me.

The Pisces Energy – Sensitive and Intuitive.

February 29th falls under the astrological sign of Pisces. Pisces is all about sensitivity, intuition, and connecting with the deepest part of your soul. Having an extra 24 hours under this energy makes us a little more in-tune with our intuition and our soul wisdom.

Having another day to enjoy in the vibration of Pisces isn’t a coincidence. It’s the Universe’s way of reminding us about the importance of consciousness and our own spiritual advancement.

From a numerology perspective, the date 2/29 is interesting! When you add the numbers in 29, you get 11. Numerology says the number 11 is a master number and because of that, shouldn’t be broken down to 1+1. Eleven indicates spirituality and awakening. Combine that with the number two, for the month of February, which indicates pursuit of the soul’s purpose, mission, and voice. It adds up! Under the energy of 2/28, we can expect to

feel awakened, and impowered to pursue our soul’s purpose.

How can you harness the energy of leap-day to advance on your own life path, and feel more fulfillment and happiness?

Here are five ways to honor the vibration of this day:

  • Tune in. Listen to that voice deep inside that’s telling you who you are, what you want, and how to be your most true, authentic self.
  • Be aware of signs. With the energy given to us this year in February, it is important to observe any synchronicities that occur and look for clues about your own path of awakening and purpose.
  • Let go of anything holding you back. This day won’t come again for 4 more years – making it a perfect time to leave behind anything that doesn’t serve you. Release fear, judgement, anger so you can move on.
  • Take the leap. You’ve checked your intuition and looked for signs and synchronicities. You’ve released old baggage. Now you’re free to make your move. Decide where you want to see yourself on February 28, 2024 – and take the first step – or leap!
  • Need more guidance? Learn how to use Psychic Astrology for yourself and others to gain insight for the future.

Happy Leap Day! Let’s set our course for the next four years, so we can experience more enlightenment, awareness and love – and send that ripple out to change the world.