Become a Better Medium By Tuning Into LOVE!

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Become a Better Medium By Tuning Into LOVE!

Oct 6, 2022 | JVP's Blog | 0 comments

October is here, and I’m eagerly anticipating the arrival of my dear friend from the UK, the warm, funny, and incredibly gifted, Lynn Probert. 

Last time Lynn was in town we teamed up to host a 5-day mediumship workshop. We have another one coming up this month, but more about that later! After one of the sessions, I remember having a fascinating conversation about how to help students move from their head to their heart space. Lynn is a master at this –I remember her sharing a mantra with me that she uses to center herself. Whenever her mind starts running away with her and she wants to get back to her heart space, she sits down, takes a few deep breaths, and silently repeats, “Be still, be still, be still.” 

It’s so simple, but so powerful! 

If you’re a medium, it’s important that you understand what it means to be still and tune into the frequency of love. Truly embracing this concept is the key to raising your consciousness and expanding your spiritual gifts. 

Now, when I say, “love frequency,” or “love energy,” I’m not talking about romance, although this state of being attracts love of ALL kinds. I’m referring to something bigger – universal love – the kind that “makes the world go ‘round.” 

Shifting to your natural state of being.
Love is your natural vibration, your soul’s frequency. It connects you to something far more vast and powerful than the physical world. As you travel through life, you’re constantly faced with choosing between fear and love, head and heart. How do you make the right choice?

I often find myself giving my students this advice: :

  • Get out of your head!
  • You have let go and forgive. 
  • Come from a place of love, not fear.

Often these messages are channeled straight from Spirit, and the advice is so simple – but it requires you to make a shift.

If you’re like many people, you have a lot of “noise” in your life; things you feel you must accomplish, worries about the future, people you’re trying to please, and the image you’re trying desperately to live up to. 

All that striving and concern about other people’s judgement is fear-based. Fear is a man-made construct, but love is your natural state. It seems like it would be easy to default to love, like a plant gravitating toward the light, but a lot of things can get in the way of that natural state of being and block your spirit connection. Things like: 

  • Focusing on the past and the future, and not living in the now.
  • Holding grudges and hanging on to anger and resentment.
  • Worrying about what other people think of you.
  • Trying to control everything.
  • Overthinking things and being too in your head.
  • Being ego driven. 

Do any of those items sound familiar? If so, guess what – you’re human! But as a human, your time here is limited, and there’s so much to learn and do! Those behaviors can consume a lot of your precious time and energy and generate stress and anxiety. If you’re a psychic, medium, or healer, it can stop your intuition and your spirit connection in their tracks.

So, how do you stay in your heart space? 

The interesting thing about living from your heart and tapping into love energy is that once you get the hang of it, everything suddenly becomes so much easier! Not just maintaining a spirit connection, but getting along with people, finding fulfillment in your work, even staying fit and healthy – inside and out. 

I know you. You’re sensitive and you want to make a difference. You probably ARE in your heart space a LOT – but it takes practice to stay there. And that’s where a workshop, a retreat, or any type of immersive training and mentoring can help. 

Lynn and I would love to get you in the habit of living from the heart. 

We will be hosting a 5-day workshop in Carlsbad, CA called The Power of Love Through Mediumship, on Monday, October 24th – Friday, October 28th Carlsbad, CA. Over the course of five days, you’ll practice our time tested mediumship techniques, including ways to move right into your heart space and stay there!