Finding Your Tribe

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Finding Your Tribe

Jan 4, 2021 | JVP's Blog

When I was a teenager in Bayside, New York, I wanted to fit in with the other kids, so I pushed my mediumship aside to the point that I pretty much forgot it was there. I knew talking to dead people wasn’t something my classmates would relate to! It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that a chance encounter with a medium helped me truly accept who I was. After that, I spent time with other sensitive souls, sitting in development circles and strengthening my spiritual gifts. Suddenly, I knew why I was put on this earth.

With that realization, fitting in and being like everyone else no longer mattered. I realized that I had a bigger mission – to share the message that death is an illusion and love never dies.
As I sat in development circles and channeled messages from residents of the spirit realm, I realized how fear, ego, and judgement get in the way of our highest purpose – spreading unconditional love.
We are all one in spirit!

Now more than ever, it’s important to send love to everyone, not just people who look, think, and act like you do. After all, our earthy bodies are just a tiny part of who we really are – from a soul perspective, we are all one.
As I go about my daily life, I interact with so many people, and I welcome every opportunity to share a smile, a joke, and a kind word. Everyone has a unique story, so it’s impossible to truly understand someone if you haven’t walked in their shoes. But as much as I enjoy spreading love and compassion, as a medium, I’m highly sensitive to the energy of other people. Especially during difficult times like these, I can find myself drained at the end of the day, but one thing I can count on to recharge and inspire me is spending time with my students.

A community of light-workers.

I know the entire JVP community draws strength from connecting with each other. It gives me so much joy to provide a place for my students to interact on social media and video calls, and I look forward to sharing the space again (when it’s safe to do so) at live events and workshops.

Advanced students form a lifelong connection with me, and each other.
For my advanced mediumship groups, our connection runs extra deep! Being a medium isn’t something that everyone can relate to or understand. Some students are afraid to share what they do with friends or family, so having a group of like-minded souls to hang out with and learn from is invaluable.

My Mediumship Level 2 Students often share how much they love interacting in their student Facebook group and participating in the development circles that are part of the program. The support they give each other is so powerful. They’re more that a group of students – they are people who have found their tribe.

In addition to learning from me, my Mediumship Level 2 Certification students benefit tremendously from connecting with each other. We all long to be part of a close-knit community – to spend time with other like-minded individuals. In a world where polite, superficial relationships are the norm, it’s a relief to be around people who “speak your language” and encourage and support you on your path. These friendships continue long after the course or event is over, as students form development circles, follow each other on social media, and even plan vacations together.

Friendship feeds the soul!

If you feel a strong connection to Spirit and long to join others on their spiritual quest, you can apply to <submitting a short application> join me, and a wonderful group of gifted students in my Mediumship Level II Graduate Program. Only a few weeks remain before our journey begins – so if you are feeling called, step into your power now and take the plunge. We look forward to meeting you!